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H-Bombs - Raleigh, NC 1978

Free Advice
Raleigh, NC
April 21, 1978

audience recording (sound quality VG; well-recorded club show with a few anomalies, as expected from a source tape of this vintage). Most likely the first of two sets, the second of which is missing. Last-ever show by H-Bombs!
“Now that we’re dead, 
we suggest you listen to Elvis."

Page from one of those 
wacky self-made H-Bombs 'zines

Repercussion: H-Bombs were the post-Sneakers and pre-dB’s, pre-Let’s Active group that Peter and Mitch Easter were both in. Further info can be found at this earlier H-Bombs post.

SAMPLE: "Looking 'Round Corners (Free Advice 1978)"

01 Sixty-five Comet
02 Stuck On You^
03 Looking 'Round Corners
04 No Wonder^
05 Take Me Back In Your Arms Again
06 Mind Your Manners
07 Big Black Truck
08 Kicks (Paul Revere & The Raiders cover)
09 Cruel World*
10 Good-Bye*
11 Komm Gibb Mir Deine Hand (Beatles cover, in German)
12 You Can't Catch Me (Chuck Berry cover)                  

^Sneakers covers

*titles of these are guesses; corrections welcome from you nutty H-Bombs fans!

Mr. Will Rigby wrote a florid review of a 
non-existent H-Bombs album for UNC-Chapel Hill’s Daily Tar Heel. 
(Confused? I think that was the point…)

Peter Holsapple: guitar, vocals
Mitch Easter: guitar, vocals
Robert Keely: bass, vocals
Chris Chamis: drums
Learn more about H-Bombs  from Fred Mills’ excellent essay at   
N.C. Music History Dot Com 


  1. Always love me some H-Bombs! World's greatest unreleased artists....

    1. How true -- the aural force, the oft-misunderstood humor, the utter humanity of it all. How can one do it justice with mere words?!?

  2. #4 is 'No Wonder', which like #2, did get a release via Sneakers.... But can't believe more of thse tracks never got the chance...

    1. #8 is 'Kicks' by Paul Revere & The Raiders

    2. The other two, well, not ringing a bell enough to sleuth yet...

    3. Thanks for your detective work, WTS -- will make the changes as you note.


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