Friday, June 7

NRBQ - Chicago 1991 + bonus

Petrillo Music Shell
Chicago, IL
July 4, 1991
WXRT-FM broadcast

FM recording (sound quality Ex-; Goody pitch-corrected edition)
Must be some awesome manager to have his own official promo photo...

01 Wild Weekend
02 Hey, Little Brother
03 Ain't It All Right        
04 Riding in My Car        
05 I Just Want to Have You Back Again
05 What Difference Does It Make?
06 Lucille
07 Crazy Like a Fox
08 Me & the Boys
09 Over Your Head        
10 Terry's Lame Elephant Jokes        
11 Everybody's Smokin'
12 Twelve-Bar Blues

BONUS Rock-a-Billy Day compilation
Oct. 17, 1986
KPFA-FM, Berkeley, CA
(tracks from 1986 live shows supplied by NRBQ)

13 Terry Adams station id
14 Call Me
15 C’mon Everybody
16 Rocket Number 9
17 Leavin’ It All Up to You

      note: lacks many tracks from the full Rock-a-Billy Day set, but I’m posting all I have.

Alt. Link  MF 
Who's zoomin' who? Those zany NRBQ guys...
photos by Merritt Brown (aka Crick3) via Flickr

Terry Adams
Al Anderson
Tom Ardolino
Joey Spampinato

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  1. Woah! I was at this show! NRBQ shared the bill with Material Issue and The Replacements for their last ever show. I've had the Replacements set for years and found the Material issue set a while ago, but this is the first time I've seen NRBQ's set!
    And a snap o' the rubber band to Captain Lou!

  2. Hiya JH - SO cool that you were there! Thanks for the comment...

  3. Hey JH, -- (Hope you don't mind, Rob...) Care to share the wealth? I'd love to have the whole show. Just something about three great bands on the same night and having it to listen to whenever the need is there before one's mortal coil ultimately unwinds. Maybe Rob would be willing to facilitate by hosting the other two bands that played one magical July 4th night.... Would be a tons of appreciative folk, I'd imagine. Just tossing a thought out there into the wind and seeing if it has any buoyancy.

    1. Hey Oxy - You'll be glad to know someone else in blogland is a step ahead of you. Tell Thull that Rob-In-Brevard sent you:

      Look in the comment section so you can get the link for the MI show. Unfortunately, the fileserver link for the MI show has been deleted, but maybe Thull will oblige if you ask him nicely to re-post...


    2. Hi Any way you could direct me to the material issue set? Thank you!

    3. Sorry about that -- I can't find another source for it on the 'net. Good luck, though...

  4. Wait a sec! Rob, Thanks for the lovely post, as usual.

  5. Hey Rob, Thanks for the link. As it turned out, I had the MI (very underrated band) show, already, so thankfully, begging was thankfully avoided, at least this time out. Since you don't see or hear many triple bills like this anymore, I snagged the Replacements set to complete the night. Listening to the whole show right now. All three bands were really in top form that night!

    By the way, did you ever get around to to putting anything on to disc that box of cassettes you got?

    1. You got the whole night -- how cool is that?

      Yes, the latest from the new box o' tapes is The dB's, Viceroy Park '82; Letch Actively, Charlotte '83 and The dB's NYC '78.

      Always more to come...

  6. I thought so. There's been some sweet stuff showing up here, lately. Can't wait to see what else comes out of that magic box o' tapes in weeks to come.

  7. Oh yeah this is great! Thank you, Thank you!