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Graham Parker - Edinburgh 1982

Edinburgh Playhouse
Edinburgh, Scotland
April 4, 1982
Graham Parker: the man dazzles
photo by Jolie Parker
audience recording (sound quality VG; transfer from master tape; typical fluctuations in sound during the first number; crowd noise is minimal during the performance). Just in case there's any question: this has NOT been officially released.

TREMENDOUS THANKS to MATB for sharing and to his unnamed friend for taping this show.

SAMPLE: "Passion Is No Ordinary Word" (Edinburgh 1982)   

01 Discovering Japan
02 Its All Worth Nothing Alone
03 Fear Not
04 White Honey
05 Jolie Jolie
06 Dark Side of the Bright Lights
07 Can't Waste a Minute
08 Passion Is No Ordinary Word
09 Thankless Task
10 Howling Wind
11 Temporary Beauty
12 Crying for Attention
13 Love Without Greed
14 No More Excuses
15 Hit the Spot
16 Another Grey Area
17 A Big Fat Zero
18 Stupefaction
19 Endless Night
20 band intros
21 Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me Questions

TT: 84:17
GP digs LARGE sunglasses...
Alt. Link MF
Graham Parker - vocals, rhythm guitar
George Small - keyboards
Michael Braun - drums
Carlos Alomar - guitar Kevin Jenkins - bass  
Brinsley Schwarz - lead guitar, backing vocals
Learn more about Graham Parker's music at AllMusic, GP's web site or this fan site   

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