Friday, June 14

Halloween Show, Irving Plaza, NYC 1978

The dB’s
Club 57, Irving Plaza
New York, NY
Oct. 27, 1978
Peter Holsapple’s first live performance with The dB’s

The dB’s performed as part of a four-act
“Halloween at Club 57” show, headlined by The Fleshtones.

audience recording (sound quality GD+; much more listenable than it would’ve been otherwise, thanks to Zippy’s efforts!) 

Were they trying to scare everyone away?!?
MEGA THANKS to dB's Fan for making this historic show available.  

Highlight: The earliest-known dB’s live show to be recorded anywhere, anytime. Fair warning: The sound quality on this one is not up to the blog's usual standards. Its historic interest merits this post, but not everyone will want to bother. That being said, Zippy did a great job making it listenable — and, starting with track 2, the sound quality improves significantly.   
NOT NEARLY AS BAD AS THAT: A few years ago, Peter described this very gig to Magnet magazine: "Our first show together as a four-piece was in Irving Plaza with the Fleshtones and the Zantees. Frankly, we just sucked. We were so bad, we woodshedded for a couple of months after that." Give it another listen, Peter!      

SAMPLE: "The World Keeps Goin Round (NYC 1978)"

01 She's Green, I'm Blue
02 Bad Reputation
03 Tell Me Twice
04 Everytime Anytime
05 Nothing Is Wrong
06 What I Dig
07 The World Keeps Goin' Round
08 What's the Matter With Me?
09 What About That Cat
10 Let's Live for Today
11 Tossin' and Turnin'
12 encore break
13 The Summer Sun


The dB’s
Peter Holsapple – guitar, vocals & keyboards
Will Rigby – drums & vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals

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