Friday, June 21

Marshall Crenshaw - Roslyn, NY 1982 + bonus

My Father’s Place
Roslyn (Long Island), NY
June 29, 1982
A young Marshall Crenshaw and band, early 1980s
WLIR-FM, complete broadcast
FM capture (sound quality VG++; full, satisfying sound)

Repercussion: Mitch Easter produced a track on Crenshaw's third album, Downtown, and played guitar on the Don Dixon-produced follow-up, Mary Jean & 9 Others. Marshall joined Mitch, Chris and many others for the "all-star" Big Star Third live performance in NYC on June 30, 2013. THANK YA VERY MUCH to beatbop and lolita for making this show available.

SAMPLE: "Brand New Lover (Roslyn, NY 82)"

01 - Soldier of Love
02 - Not For Me
03 - There She Goes Again
04 - Brand New Lover
05 - I'll Do Anything
06 - Mary Anne
07 - Rockin' Around In NYC
08 - Something's Gonna Happen
09 - Move It
10 - Someday, Someway
11 - Got a Lotta Livin' to Do (Elvis cover)
12 - She Can't Dance
13 - Cynical Girl
14 - Girls
15 - The Usual Thing

16 – Whenever You’re On My Mind^
17 – Try*
18 – One Day With You*
19 – Monday Morning Rock*

^Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA 1983-02-02 FM
*The Agora, Hartford, CT 1983-07-18 FM

TT: 62:46 mins.
full artwork included in DL

Marshall Crenshaw - guitar, vocals
Robert Crenshaw - drums
Chris Donato – bass
John Crenshaw - chimes (on #13, "Cynical Girl")

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Learn more about the music of Marshall Crenshaw at his official site and/or AllMusic


  1. Nice set. Interesting he had all the back up singers, etc at that early stage. Any idea whose song that 'No One Here' is?

    1. Agreed! Sorry, not enough of a Crenshaw fan to help you on the song ID. But if you find out anything, please chime in...

  2. Thank you! Have quite a bit of his music, but did not have this show. Very interesting blog too. I'll be back!

  3. "No One Here" is actually Elvis Presley's big hit "Got A Lotta Livin' To Do"

    1. Thanks for the thanks, and for that song ID. Will change the original post.