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Peter & The Drifters - Sandy Denny Tribute 1998

Listen, Listen: The Music of Sandy Denny
Peter stages a tribute concert (with a little help from his friends)
St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn Heights, NY
November 21, 1998
recording & broadcast by WFUV-FM, NYC
Cover art for Set 1 (art for both sets included in download). Levent Varlik
web stream (quality Ex--; this recording has some of the usual anomalies of a web capture plus a very occasional computer-generated volume adjustment beep tone)

Highlights: Multiple, but I was especially knocked out by the contributions of Susan Cowsill, Susan McKeown, Marti Jones & Don Dixon.

BIG THANKS to the taper and ALL PRAISE to Levent Varlik of the Sandy Denny fan forum at Yahoo for the generous share (sent to me all the way from Turkey)!

CLICK highlighted names below for a link to learn more about the artist’s music.
01  intro - Meg Griffin (WFUV announcer)
02  Come All Ye - Katell Keineg
03  Listen, Listen - Vicki Peterson
04  Next Time Around Sloan Wainwright  
05  One Way Donkey Ride* - Deni Bonet 
06  Banks of the Nile  - Michael Steele   
07  Blackwaterside Darius Rucker
08  Tam Lin - Susan McKeown
09  It Suits Me Well - Mike Mills
10  Autopsy - Dana (and Karen?) Kletter
11  Gold Dust - Don Dixon
12  At the End of the Day* - Susan Cowsill
13  outro
*Indicates tracks with very occasional beep tones from the computer’s volume adjustment control. Let this be a lesson to you young, budding tapers out there: mute that sucker before you try to record a webcast or web stream!
The Continental Drifters served as the house band for the show. 
(That’s Peter on the right, sittin’ and strummin’…)
SET 2 
01  intro
02  The Northstar Grassman and the Ravens - Michael Steele
03  John the Gun - John Crooke
04  A Sailor's Life - Amanda Thorpe
05  Take Me Away - Marti Jones
06  Stranger to Himself - Dana Kletter
07  Solo - Susan McKeown
08  I'm a Dreamer - Susan Cowsill
09  Matty Groves - Robyn Hitchcock
10  Who Knows Where the Time Goes? - Katell Keineg
11  Peace In the End* Don Dixon & Marti Jones
12  Meet On the Ledge Susan Cowsill & The Continental Drifters, et al

Other versions of this show list two additional tracks, absent here: an encore, “Farewell, Farewell” (sung by Amanda Thorpe), followed by the final outro.

Disc 2  

MF linx
Disc 2

Musicians (in addition to the vocalists listed above, some of whom also played on some tracks):
Peter Holsapple (musical director for the show)
Russ Broussard
Robert Maché
Mark Walton

For a handful of years in the 1990s, Peter had the enviable job of organizing tributes to some of the great, lesser-known artists of popular music. This one (like the 1997 show at the same venue performed in honor/memory of Nick Drake's music) is a beauty. It was part of a short-lived, but extraordinary, program called Arts at St. Ann’s.
YOU CAN STILL BUY the most excellent album Listen Listen by The Continental Drifters directly from Blue Rose Records in Germany. It features the Drifters’ versions of several Sandy Denny classics as well as Richard Thompson compositions. (AllMusic gave it a 4-star review.) I’ve ordered from Blue Rose and can vouch for their great service — even for non-German speakers.

GO HERE for a video of John Crooke singing a good chunk of “John the Gun” from this show. 
GO HERE for a video of Darius Rocker singing “Blackwaterside” from this show (and see Peter play the squeezebox for a few exciting seconds).

THANKS to kinskilee for the uploads!


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