Friday, April 27

Peter & Chris - Idiot's Delight, NYC 1991

Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey      
WXRK-FM, New York City
“Idiot's Delight” with Vin Scelsa
June 30, 1991
FM (sound quality Ex-)
Chris and Peter, Mavericks-era publicity shot
photo by Carol Whaley
Highlights: a great-sounding set with full band, including a brief, light-hearted “Take Five"
BIG THANKS to glenn s for the share!

01 band intros        
02 Lord of the Manor        
03 Geometry        
04 Here Without You        
05 Haven't Got the Right        
06 Taken        
07 Angels        
08 She Was the One (first few secs. cut)        
09 The Child In You        
10 Something Came Over Me*        
11 Take Five (brief run-through)                 
12 You Don't Miss Your Water*        
13 outro

         *10 and 12 appear on Chris' Fireworks album, which was released a few months after this appearance.

NOTE: I need to figure out how much interest you have in Holsapple-Stamey posts ‘cuz I have a lot of material. Please leave comments: do you like ‘em? Do you prefer earlier ones like these, or “Here & Now”-era shows? Give me some feedback.

Chris Stamey
Peter Holsapple
Alan Bezozi
Ilene Markell
Dave Schramm

Vin Scelsa’s “Idiot’s Delight”

Vin Scelsa has been doing his “Idiot’s Delight” show on some New York City radio station or other for about 45 years. Last I heard, he’s at WFUV. Back when this show was recorded, the station was WXRK (now defunct).

Hats off to Vin for championing our guys and their music!


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