Thursday, May 17

Hoboken, NJ - Music & Arts Fest 2012

The dB’s
Music & Arts Festival
Hoboken, NJ
May 6, 2012

Audience recording (sound quality VG+)
One of the first concert-length live shows of 2012, featuring a most excellent "World to Cry" (still smokin' seven years later...)
BIG THANKS to tamlyn for the share & permission to use it here!

Good thing Gene is from Hoboken; how else 
would they have found this place??
photo by jvdalton via Flickr

1.  That Time Is Gone  
2.  Before We Were Born
3.  Happenstance
4.  Lonely Is as Lonely Does    
5.  Ask for Jill
6.  World to Cry
7.  pH Factor  
8.  Collide-oOo-Scope
9.  Love Is for Lovers
10. Nothing Is Wrong
11. I Didn’t Mean to Say That
12. The Adventures of Albatross & Doggerel
13. Big Brown Eyes  
14. Send Me Something Real
15. Neverland
16. (encore break)
17. If and When
18. Dynamite
19. Amplifier

Will does the whap-a-dang on the drums.
photo by jvdalton via Flickr
The dB’s:
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar & vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Will Rigby – drums & vocals

Brett Harris – keyboards & guitar



  1. a must have again!!!!! greetings Alie.

  2. Takes some of the sting off missing the gig

    1. z - you did the right thing, tho

      poisson rouge 6-15??


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