Friday, May 18

The Blue Note - Columbia, MO 1984

The dB's
The Blue Note
Columbia, MO
You reckon it was hot in Columbia, MO in July of 1984?? Hope the AC was working...
audience recording (VG quality)

BIG THANKS to glenn s for recording & sharing!


01 Neverland
02 We Were Happy There
03 Love Is for Lovers
04 She Got Soul
05 Spitting Into the Wind
06 Amplifier
07 Bad Reputation
08 Not Cool
09 A Spy In the House of Love
10 Any Old Thing
11 Living a Lie
12 Rendezvous
13 New Gun In Town
14 White Train
15 Black and White
16 Suspicious Minds

The dB’s:
Will Rigby – drums & vocals
Gene Holder – guitar
Peter Holsapple – guitar & vocals
Rick Wagner - bass


  1. Tering goed bezig Robin !!!!!!! your blog Rocks!!!!!! Alie.

  2. Alie - I can always count on you to post a comment; thank you!

  3. Rick Wagner (ex-Silos and many other NY bands) was the bass player (briefly) for the dB's (not the guitarist). After Chris left, Gene switched to lead guitar and was awesome at it. I saw this line-up at the 688 in Atlanta. Rick Wagner, however, wasn't a singer, so the harmonies suffered. When Jeff Beninato joined on bass, he really completed the picture because as Peter noted at the time, "he sings like a bird."

    1. Right you are! I corrected the post.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. No A/C..was in the OLD Note a strip club!
    Great show BTW

    1. Thanks, kelvin. Now we know the rest of the story! 8-)


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