Friday, May 11

The Cubby Bear - Chicago, IL 1987

The dB’s
The Cubby Bear
Chicago, IL

soundboard recording (quality Ex-; there’s very little bass sound or audience noise, so be prepared for that!).

Highlights: Two great covers, the rarely-performed "Message From the Country" (The Move) and the Berry Gordy, Jr. / J. Bradford chestnut, "Money."

This show was a fundraiser for a children’s hospital. It’s one of the only recorded dB’s shows with Harold Kelt, who toured with the band on keyboards for a brief time.

BIG THANKS to the taper & glenn s for the share!

01 Today Could Be the Day
02 Never Say When
03 Change With the Changing Times
04 Living a Lie
05 Love Is for Lovers        
06 She Got Soul
07 Lonely Is as Lonely Does
08 Working for Somebody Else        
09 Molly Says        
10 Think Too Hard
11 I Lie
12 Never Before and Never Again        
13 Message From the Country (The Move cover)        
14 A Better Place
15 Feel Alright        
16 Amplifier
17 A Spy In the House of Love        
18 Why Did You Sleep with My Girlfriend?        
19 Neverland
20 Money (That's What I Want) 

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The dB’s:
Peter Holsapple – guitar & vocals
Will Rigby – drums, vocals
Jeff Beninato bass
Harold Kelt keyboard & additional guitar

Looks like a nice spot for a show. If anyone's been there, please leave a comment...


  1. and thanks again from the netherlands!!!!!

  2. Interesting sound on this one, thanks Robin

  3. Isn't it, though? Kinda strange when you can't hardly hear the audience during a live recording!

  4. I attended this show. The sound was obviously much fuller than what is present here. It was a good six week stretch in Chicago for seeing the dB's - show in September, two nights opening for R.E.M., and this show, which took place adjacent to the two R.E.M. shows. Mike Mills of R.E.M. joined the band for the closing version of "Money."

  5. Thanks for the comment, Professor K. Given your interest in this period for R.E.M. and The dB's, you'll be very interested in a post I have coming up some weeks from now. (Watch for it; you'll see what I mean...)


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