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Mark Mikel - 35th Anniv. Concert 2013 (sbd)

35th Anniversary Concert 
Maumee Indoor Theatre
Maumee, OH
Nov. 23, 2013

soundboard recording (quality: VG++; audio rip from concert video; there's a bit of distortion here and there, but it's only occasional)

01 Thou Doth Warm Me (Like the Sun)
02 I Could Never Be a Bird
03 Black Sombrero
04 Undecided
05 Plastic Surgical Holiday — Paper Aeroplanes 
06 Mark speaks + song intro
07 Backwards Evolution
08 Dive Bombing Space Pigeons
09 Merely Stacking Chairs
10 Feeding Seagulls
11 Girl On a Laser Beam
12 Epapo Funk
13 Don't Listen to Your Head
14 Dream Away
15 Peasant Girls
16 It Seems You Are So Happening (instrum.)
17 Buzz for Aldrin
18 Good to Be Alive
19 In the End (You're Moving On)
20 Scream (Electric Dreams)
21 Idiot Smile
22 Sam the Computer
23 Out In the Midnight Rain
24 Day Tripper
25 Eleanor Rigby
26 Tomorrow Never Knows
27 Just Another Lifetime Please (pre-recorded)

Featured musicians for the evening: Jeff Kollman, Bill Hubauer, Zak Freed, Ian McCormack, Brad Babcock and The Monclovian 1st Irrational String Quartet

ROB SEZ: Here's a far-ranging musical event to commemorate 35 years in music for Mark Mikel, leader of The Pillbugs & producer for many other groups / projects. The set mixes early and later Mark Mikel solo material along with Pillbugs songs. Mikel recruited many friends for the show, which means there are some transcendent moments (eg, songs that feature the string quartet) and some that border on self-indulgence (eg, extended guitar solos, etc.). If you're a Pillbugs fan, you will find much to like. If you're a Mark Mikel fan, you might already have the DVD that's the source for this audio rip (the DVD is pretty much impossible to find anywhere this many years later). ALL PRAISES to Mark for sharing the full concert online, and to Mick for finding a setlist for me (thank you, my musical friend: you always come through).
Enjoy Mark Mikel's music at Bandcamp

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