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Pernice Brothers - B-Sides & Other Rarities

Pernice Bros: Sub Pop made us smile for our promo!
Early Singles + B-sides

01 Square World (early single A-side)
02 In Plain Sight (early single B-side)
03 Jimmy Coma (Sub Pop single)
04 Monkey Suit (alt. version, Sub Pop B-side)
05 Love My Way (Psychedelic Furs
     cover, Clear Spot B-side) 
06 My Own Personal Psychic
    (Working Girls B-side)
07 Double Bed
08 Whatshisname
09 She Falls Apart (Working Girls B-side)
10 Up the Down Elevator (7:30 B-side)
11 Our Time Has Passed
      (4-track version, 7:30 B-side)
12 7:30 (demo)

SAMPLE: "Up the Down Escalator (B-side)"

Sandwich EP (2000 - ltd. ed. tour release) 

01 Number Two (early version)
02 Ballad of Bjorn Borg (4-track version)
03 Pipe Bomb (William Gibson instrum. remix)
04 Cronulla Breakdown (4-track version)
05 Light My Way

Gone to the dogs:  Pernice Brothers, chilling in, uh ... Joe's man cave?? 
Live a Little - Bonus Disc (2006)
If you pre-ordered Pernice Brothers' album Live a Little, it came with a limited-edition bonus disc of demos and alt. mixes. I guess it really WAS strictly limited, because this thing is now impossible to find. Fair warning: on the demos, Joe hums and la-la-la’s his vocals.

01 Conscience Clean (alt. mix)
02 Microscopic View (alt. mix)
03 PCH One (alt. mix)
04 Cruelty to Animals (no vocals) 
05 Automation (no vocals)
06 Zero Refills (no vocals)
07 Automation (demo)
08 Somerville (demo)
09 Cruelty to Animals (demo)
10 Zero Refills (demo)
11 Microscopic View (demo)
12 How Can I Compare (demo)
13 B.S. Johnson (demo)
14 PCH One (demo)
15 Conscience Clean (demo)
16 Lightheaded (demo)
17 High As a Kite (demo)

ROB SEZ: How many artists do you know with only 4-star or better ratings from AllMusic? Pernice Brothers (and front man Joe Pernice's solo recordings) are in that rare category. If you don't know the music, I heartily recommend you check them out. MEGA-BIG THANKS to Don, Pernice Brothers and Chris for sharing these tracks.
Note: This set attempts to collect all Pernice Brothers studio rarities not readily available through normal, legal channels. Some are from vinyl-only releases. Although not rare and currently available as a digital download, completists will want to seek out the 5-track Australian Tour EP from 2002. It has alternate versions of 5 songs from the band’s first two albums. All tracks were recorded live-in-the-studio Jan. 2002 in Brooklyn, NY. One more non-album track that’s available digitally, which explains why it’s not included here: “Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?” — an old Gospel number the band covered for the movie soundtrack for The Slaughter Rules (2003 - on Bloodshot Records). That one’s also available at iTunes & Amazon.

MP3@VBR (low to medium bit rates; best available)
Want more? Check out my 2016 post with two live recordings and 

Learn more about Pernice Brothers' music at Wikipedia, AllMusic and the band's (rather outdated) web site.


  1. More? Of COURSE there's more!

    Joe Pernice
    Random Live & Rare tracks

    Joe Pernice - Amazing Glow (live)
    Joe Pernice - How Can I Compare (Live on KEXP 2009)
    Joe Pernice - Tell Me When It’s Over (Live on KEXP 2009)
    Joe Pernice - The Two of You Sleep (Live on KEXP 2009)
    Joe Pernice - Chim Chim Cher-ee (Live on KEXP 2009)
    Rabid In The Kennel Session - Joe Pernice, "Amazing Glow"
    Rabid In The Kennel Session - Joe Pernice, “Soul & Fire“
    A Ride (live acoustic 2002) - Joe Pernice
    Joe Pernice - Courage Up (acoustic)
    Joe Pernice - Bum Leg (acoustic)
    Pernice Brothers - Somerville

    There’s also a WEIRD VIDEO that I downloaded from Flickr. Joe P. (?) on a bike with bizarre stuff going on in the background after about 0:35. What the heck is it??


  2. Thank you for sharing these Pernice Brothers tracks. An immensely talented group, not just for Joe's songwriting but also Peyton Pinkerton's guitar work.


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