Tuesday, August 22

Nick Lowe - Malmo 1985 + San Diego 1987

Malmo, Sweden 1985
+ San Diego University, CA 1987-04-18

FM broadcasts (sound quality VG to VG+) 
"Say, Nick, that pose & camera seem kinda familiar..."

01 Peace Love and Understanding
02 Heart of the City
03 Tempted
04 Little By Little
05 I Need You
06 Burning
07 Half a Boy and Half a Man

08 How Long
09 Without Love
10 From Now On
11 Talk
12 Cruel to Be Kind
13 When I Write the Book
14 Raining Raining
15 chat (Huey Lewis story)
16 Heart
17 The Rose of England
18 Too Many Teardrops
19 Big, Big Love
20 So It Goes
21 I Knew the Bride

ROB SEZ: A very busy week for me, so I'm relying on the old ASH blog archives for material. As usual, I am greatly indebted to Don. When this one was first posted, Don wrote, "There's an absolute cracker with the Impossible Birds from Malmo, Sweden in 1985 with both him and Paul Carrack on top form. Then to stretch it out, we venture to San Diego State University for more Nicholas joy."

ASH Tuesday post #71

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