Friday, August 11

Bongos - New York, NY 1996 (sbd)

Mercury Lounge
New York, NY
May 16, 1996 

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Video Eyes" (live in 1996)

01 intro
02 In the Congo
03 The Bullrushes
04 I've Got a Secret
05 Complications
06 Hunting
07 Video Eyes
08 Tiger Nights
09 Speaking Sands - Clay Midgets
10 Splinters
11 Sweet Blue Cage
12 Glow In the Dark
13 Zebra Club
14 Nuts and Bolts

15 Totem Pole
16 Mambo Sun
17 Three Wise Men
18 Number with Wings
custom artwork by Angelo, included in download
19 River to River*
20 Barbarella*
21 Sunshine Superman (Donovan cover) 
22 Space Jungle

*with George Usher

ROB SEZ: The Bongos performed this one-off reunion show in 1996 as a benefit for Hoboken musician George Usher. SPECIAL THANKS to Angelo at Power Pop Criminals for sharing this years ago. Look for a bonus vintage Bongos show, hiding somewhere around here... 
Learn more about the Bongos' music at 


  1. The Bongos
    Columbia University
    New York, N.Y.
    Aug. 31, 1983

    soundboard recording (quality VG++)

    01 Telephoto Lens
    02 Tiger Nights
    03 Glow In the Dark
    04 The Bulrushes
    05 Automatic Doors
    06 Roman Circus
    07 Burning Bush
    08 Numbers With Wings
    09 Three Wise Men
    10 Skydiving
    11 Barbarella
    12 In the Congo
    13 Question Ball
    14 My Sin
    15 Mambo Sun

    MEGA THANKS to Blog Kihn, who (to my knowledge) first shared this show in blog land at his late, great PVAC to 44.1 KHZ site



  2. Two great Bongos performances, many thanks for sharing these in FLAC again! Any more? Any Richard Barone?

    1. Not any more Bongos worth sharing. But Richard Barone live stuff I have. Will take this under advisement re: future posts. Cheers.

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