Tuesday, August 15

Robyn Hitchcock - Radio Sessions (50 tracks)

Radio Sessions
3 CDs (50 songs' worth)
various dates, locations, recording info

Disc 1
01 Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl
02 Love Is What
03 Flavour of Night
04 I Often Dream of Trains
05 Agony of Pleasure
06 Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus
07 Man With a Woman's Shadow
08 I Something You
09 Further Scenes From a Family Life
10 Cool Bug Rumble
11 Devil's Radio
12 Queen Elvis
13 Jewels for Sophia
14 NASA Clapping
15 You've Got a Sweet Mouth On You
16 Thumb Song
17 No, I Don't Remember Guildford

Disc 2
18 The Yip Song
19 Uncorrected Personality Traits
20 De Chirico Street
21 Heliotrope
22 1974
23 Let's Go Thundering
24 Gene Hackman
25 Cheese Alarm
26 Arms of Love
27 Surgery
28 I Often Dream of Trains
29 Autumn Is Your Last Chance
30 Freeze
31 I Feel Beautiful
32 Cheese Alarm
33 A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations

Disc 3
34 Full Moon In My Soul
35 Creeped Out - Penguin of Love
36 Oceanside
37 Birds In Perspex
38 Chinese Bones
39 Ride
40 Uncorrected Personality Traits

41 Tonight
42 Mexican God
43 It's A Man's Life
44 Ivy
45 Arms of Love
46 Wreck of the Arthur Lee
47 Egyptian Cream
48 Sinister
49 Yes I Do

50 De Cherico Street

ROB SEZ: I received these without any dates, locales or recording info. But if you're a Robyn Hitchcock fan, what do you have to lose — except a bit of disc space? MEGA THANKS to Don from the old ASH blog for sharing. This comes with a shout-out to Don, since he's been under the weather lately. I do hope you're on the mend, kind sir.

ASH Tuesday post #70


  1. WOWWW! Thank you! I don't know where to start. I guess Disc 1/ Track 1 & a nice cold one!

  2. Cheers for the Robyn Hitchcock / Soft Boys posts!
    Last time you posted, by way of thanks I was planning on sending you a url for a bootleg recording for a Robyn show I saw in Sydney a few years back. He played a set of Basement Tapes songs to celebrate Dylan's birthday. I made a tinny recording myself on my iphone, but this one is much much better. Better late than never! https://archive.org/details/robynhitchcock2014-05-23.TheBasement

    1. Nice share, Bloodnok. I'd snagged some of those other tasty treats at archive.org, but had not noticed this one. Many thanks.

  3. I downloaded this before and I could not access the files, I've tried again - same problem - the files lock up, I'm told I don't have access rights?


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