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Lolas - Kyoto, JP 2016

Kyoto, Japan
March 5, 2016 

audience recording (sound quality: VG to VG+; 
at times, the vocals are a bit distant & buried)

SAMPLE: "Silver Dollar Sunday" (live 2016)

Out front: Tim Boykin, Lolas' frontman, focused
01 stage entrance, intro
02 The Best Part
03 unknown
04 Feelin' So Good (Skooby Doo)
05 Something You Oughta Know
06 I Got Time
07 The Only People In the World
08 Brad Quinn intro
09 Waiting for No One
10 Don't You Wanna
11 Yer Gonna Need My Lovin' Someday 
12 Impossible
13 Lamp of Love
14 Little Deedra
15 The Summer Sun (Chris Stamey cover)
16 Skating Rink
17 Superman
18 Silver Dollar Sunday
19 Kick Out the Jams
20 Twist and Shout
20b audience
21 song intro, band banter
22 September Gurls

NOTEI could not identify 03. If you can supply a title for it, please leave a comment.

ROB SEZ: For those who don't know the music of Lolas, it belongs at the wonderful intersection of heavy guitars and hummable pop. Think of Lolas as the musical love child of the Ramones and the Monkees. This probably explains why, even though they're from Birmingham, Alabama, Lolas have toured Japan at least twice, including last year. Lolas have the discerningly good taste to cover Chris Stamey's power pop chestnut "The Summer Sun" (joining the ranks of Alex Chilton, Yo La Tengo and others). TREMENDOUS THANKS to HAWKMASARU1 for recording and sharing.

Learn more about the Lolas' music 
at AllMusic and the band's FB page 


  1. More? Oh yeah — there’s always more.

    Japan Tour 2016
    various dates & locations

    audience recordings (sound quality VG to VG+)

    01 I Got Time
    02 Feelin' So Good (Skooby Doo)
    03 Impossible
    04 Don't You Wanna & Yer Gonna Need My Lovin' Someday
    05 Otaku
    06 Lamp of Love
    07 Don't You Wanna
    08 Yer Gonna Need My Lovin' Some Day
    09 The Best Part
    10 Seems Alright
    11 The Summer Sun (Chris Stamey song)
    12 Hippy Hippy Shake


    01-05 = Socore Factory, Osaka, JP 2016-03-04
    06-11 = Club Wonder, Oasaka, JP 2016-02-28
    12 = Jittoku, Kyoto, JP 2016-03-05

    SINCERE THANKS to Akira Yano for recording and sharing this music. Some of these have better sound quality than the complete Kyoto show in the main post!


  2. Lolas are great. I first found out about them thanks to the great Not Lame Records catalog and website.

    And, hey, when I go to write this comment I find even more.

    Thank you. Great, great site.

    And thanks to your music friends who shared the "tapes".

    1. Thanks for the comment, Bruce - and for doing so much to keep the flame burning for power pop & alt. pop music...


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