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Orange Peels - WFMU live 2002 + 2013

WFMU live session
Orange Peels — merry popsters from sunny climes
Jersey City, N.J.
June 26, 2002

webstream (sound quality: VG++) 

01 Mystery Lawn  
02 Mazatlan (Shining Bright)  
03 Back in San Francisco  
04 Circling the Sun  
05 You're So Clever  
06 So Right  
07 I Don’t Wanna Shine  
08 So Far  
09 She Grins and 
     Waves Goodbye 
10 Joe Belock interviews 
     the Orange Peels

SAMPLE: "Something Strange Happens" (live 2013)

The Orange Peels:
Allen Clapp - lead vocals, guitar, keyboard
John Moremen - drums, vocals
Jill Pries - bass
Larry Winther - lead guitar

Orange Peels - moving the studio in 2014 
WFMU live session
Jersey City, N.J.
June 4, 2013

webstream (sound quality: VG++)  

01 The Words Don't Work
02 Your New Heroes 
03 Bicentennial Bridge
04 All at Once
05 Grey Holiday
06 Aether Tide
07 Watch Her Fly
08 Theme from Sun Moon
09 Yonder
10 Something Strange Happens  
11 Joe Belock interviews 
     the Orange Peels

The Orange Peels:
Allen Clapp - lead vocals, guitar, keyboard
Jill Pries - bass
John Moremen - lead guitar, vocals
Gabriel Coan - drums

ROB SEZ: The Orange Peels play "sophisticated West Coast indie pop," says AllMusic. Me? I just know what I like when I hear it — and Orange Peels fill the bill. I found out the group visited Jersey City's WFMU twice in 11 years, which sounded like the makings of a perfect blog post. EXTRA BIG THANKS to WFMU and DJ Joe Belock for recording and sharing these live sets.

Learn more about the Orange Peels' music 

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