Friday, September 25

Replacements (with Alex Chilton) - Minneapolis, MN 1985

Uptown Bar
Minneapolis, MN 
Jan. 10, 1985
audience recording (VG; best available source for this show)

**Alex Chilton sings on several encores**
SAMPLE: "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" (live, with Alex Chilton on vocals)

01 intro
02 Nowhere Is My Home
03 noodling
04 Hear You Been to College / 
     Color Me Impressed 
05 noodling
06 I'm In Love With A Girl (Big Star cover)
07 noodling
08 I Can't Hardly Wait
09 noodling
10 I Will Dare
11 noodling
12 Favorite Thing
13 Polly Wolly Doodle / 
     Waltzing Matilda
14 September Gurls (Big Star cover)
15 Time Is Tight (aborted) (Booker T cover)
16 Baby Strange (T-Rex cover)
17 noodling
18 Black Diamond (Kiss cover)
19 Lookin' for Ya
20 When the Lights Are Out
21 noodling
22 Heart of Stone (Rolling Stones cover) 
23 Left In The Dark (The Vertibrats cover)
24 Answering Machine
25 noodling
26 Left of the Dial
27 banter "Alex Chilton to the Stage, please"
28 Gary's Got a Boner
29 tuning
30 Go
31 If I Only Had a Brain
32 Kansas City Star (Roger Miller cover)
33 noodling
34 Yeah Yeah (The Revillos cover)
35 noodling
36 Takin' Care of Business (BTO cover)
*37 Help Me Rhonda (Beach Boys cover) 
      Little GTO (Jan & Dean cover)
*38 Can't Get Enough of Your Love (aborted)
*39 Can't Get Enough of Your Love (Bad Company cover) 
*40 I'll Be There
41 Hitchin' a Ride (Vanity Fare cover)

*featuring Mr. Alex Chilton

ROB SEZ: It's been too long since I've posted anything featuring the late, great Alex Chilton. A Replacements show with LX on several encores is a natural combo. 'Mats fans cannot forget the indelible "Alex Chilton", one of the band's signature songs. There are a couple of versions of this show floating around. This one is complete, and features the best sound quality available. HUGE THANKS to the Teddy Ballgame Archive and whoever shared this version of it.


  1. You're the shizizzle! Thanks!

  2. The only thing cooler than this would be if you could hear Craig Finn try and score some Tuinals in the background ala Jim Carroll on that one Lou Reed bootleg...thank you this is pure Rock history right here.

  3. Thanks. Very timely, reading "A Man Called Destruction" now. Mike.

  4. Thanks for all the comments, y'all. Holly G-W's book on LX is the bomb! Say, can anyone tell me what "Tuinals" are??

  5. lol about "tuinals" and hope all is well...if you're wondering, you're missed.

  6. Soooooo great to see this pop up! Thanks a LOT!

  7. Just checkin'--hope all's well

    1. Nice of you to check in, Eric. All is well, but WAYYYY too busy!

      Don't fret: the blog will return in November.

  8. Take your time--you've given us so much. These days I just start to get worried when there is radio silence...crazy days.


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