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The Glands - Live in 2004 & 2014

Echo Lounge
Atlanta, GA
April 23, 2004 

audience recording (sound quality: Ex-; Sloan Simpson master recording, March 2013 remaster)

SAMPLE: "Have Your Cake" (live Atlanta, GA 2004)

01) ?
The Glands @ Shapiro's house in Athens
02) Free Jane
03) Have Your Cake
04) Ground
05) You Are the Mountain 
06) ?
07) Lovetown
08) Do Unto Others
09) Livin' Was Easy
10) ?
11) Welcome to New Jersey
12) Breathe Out
13) Holiday Walk
14) Work It Out
15) Soul Inspiration
16) Two Dollar Wine
17) Something In the Air
18) When I Laugh
19) Grey Hats
20) I Can See My House from Here
21) Freedom of Choice
22) Straight Down

Green Room
Athens, GA
Oct. 4, 2014
audience recording (sound quality: VG+; Sloan Simpson master recording)
Ross Shapiro (center) & The Glands: at home in Athens
01) Have Your Cake
02) Na Na Na Na
03) When I Laugh
04) So Hi
05) Son-O-Mine
06) Two Dollar Wine
07) Pretty Merrina
08) Something In the Air
09) You Are the Mountain 
10) Free Jane
11) Holiday Walk
12) Every Time I Listen 
      to a Stranger 
13) Do Unto Others
14) This Is the Coat
15) The Virgin Loses Again
16) Got You
17) Call Me Doctor
18) Livin' Was Easy
19) I Can See My House from Here
20) (A Screwed Up Way of Saying) I Want You 
21) They Were All Small
22) Welcome to New Jersey
23) Is It Any Wonder
24) Belle Epoque
25) No. Zero
26) Southern Charm
27) Work It Out
28) Ground
29) Head That's Mine
30) Breathe Out
31) Swim
32) Fortress
33) Straight Down
34) Soul Inspiration
35) Mayflower
36) Lovetown
Ross Shapiro - guitar, keyboard, lead vocal
Joe Rowe - drums, vocal
Doug Stanley - guitar (2004)
Andy Baker - bass (2004)
Frank MacDonell - guitar (2014)
Derek Almstead - bass, vocal (2014) 

ROB SEZ: The Glands! One of these days, I'll get in on the ground floor of an amazing, talented, and cultishly cool band. Not so with The Glands, one of Athens, GA's best-kept secrets. It took the untimely death of leader & founder Ross Shapiro from cancer in 2016 to bring the band to my attention, and I am utterly gobsmacked by their music. With two striking albums and a third collection released after Shapiro's death, The Glands left behind an admirable legacy. For fans, the missing piece of the puzzle was quality live recordings. But that's been remedied by Sloan Simpson of Southern Shelter (more or less an Athens version of NYC Taper). I am indebted to Simpson for his beautiful recordings and his willingness to share lossless versions of these shows with me. He's recorded and archived an amazing collection of live shows; go check out Southern Shelter.

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