Friday, August 14

Let's Active - Boston 1988 (aud)

The Paradise
Boston, MA
Oct. 25, 1988
audience recording (sound quality VG+; there are a few momentary glitches here and there and a chatty girl near the taper you can hear from time to time, but the rest of this is smooth sailing, with nice sound from the PA....)
Mitch & Co. on location, "In Little Ways" video shoot

01 Every Dog Has His Day
Yes, Virginia — it was a single (at least in the UK)
02 Last Chance Town
03 Talking to Myself
04 I Feel Funny
05 Writing the Book of Last Pages
06 Horizon
07 In Little Ways
08 Sweepstakes Winner
09 Night Train
10 Orpheus In Hades Lounge
11 Bad Machinery
12 Room With a View
13 Mr. Fool
14 Too Bad
15 The Swinging Creeper
    (Ventures cover)
16 Pow R Touch (P. Floyd cover)
17 I Can't Reach You (Who cover)
18 Crows On a Phone Line
19 Ten Layers Down
20 Call Me Animal (MC5 cover)
21 Badger (cuts out)

ROB SEZ: When I acquired this tape, I forgot to make a note re: who to thank, but I'm pretty sure it's dB's Fan (...again!)


Let's Active:
Mitch  Easter – guitar, vocals
Angie Carlson – keyboards, vocals 
Eric Marshall – drums
Jon Heames - bass


  1. You know, that In Little Ways 12 inch was one of those holy grail items for me. When I saw Lets Active here in, I guess, '86 I was talking with Mitch after the show and I was asking about any non-album stuff out there and he mentioned that single. That immediately put me on a hunt for it, a hunt that would seem to never have an end. A few years later me and a friend went down to Wilmington N.C. to try and find work at the movie studio there. While there we killed some time before the meeting by hitting a record store. There, sitting in the bin like it was waiting for me, was a copy of that single.I bought it and made it mine.

    1. Nice story, Bob. I have a similar story, but not as dramatic. I read somewhere that Mitch said one or more of the mixes on the 12" version of "In Little Ways" were different than those on the album. When I found out there was a previously-unreleased B-side ("Two You's"), I said "Gotta have it!" I did find a copy of the UK import, but never could confirm if there were different mixes on the UK version or the U.S. version. Doesn't really matter to me, since everything Mitch does is brilliant!

    2. Angie told me the same thing about some different mixes on the import version but I never actually heard any. I'll have to dig up my old Lets Talk Let's Active fanzines and see if they ever said anything. Yes, Mitch is a great songwriter. It was like finding the holy grail hearing the Every Dog roughs that had like 5 unreleased songs.

  2. The Big Rock Sound of Let's Active! A sweet one. Thanks!


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