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Rich Robinson Band - Live 2014 + 2016

Sellersville Theater 
Sellersville, PA
July 28, 2016

audience recording (sound quality: VG++special thanks to edtyre)
Set 1:
01 Shipwreck
02 The Upstairs Land
03 Down the Road
04 Everything's Alright
05 In Comes the Night
06 Astral
07 Time to Leave
08 Veil
09 Yesterday I Saw You
Set 2:
10 Which Way Your Wind Blows 
11 Ides of Nowhere
12 For to Give
13 Nonfiction
14 Bring On, Bring On
15 Life
16 Trial and Faith
17 Sway
18 War Drums

Rich Robinson Band:
Rich Robinson - guitar, vocals
Matt Slocum - keyboards
Joe Magistro - drums, vocals
Sven Pipien - bass, vocals
Nico BereciartĂșa - guitar, vocals

Visulite Theatre
Charlotte, N.C. 
Aug. 7, 2014
audience recording (sound quality: VG+)
01 intro
02 This Unfortunate Show
03 I Remember
04 I Know You
05 Falling Again
06 Bye Bye Baby
07 When I Paint My Masterpiece (Bob Dylan) 
08 The Sad Bag of Shakey Jake (Humble Pie)
09 One Road Hill
10 Lost and Found >
11 My Morning Song Jam >
12 Lost and Found
13 The Giving Key
14 Do You Hear Me?
15 In Comes the Night
16 Down the Road
17 Inside
18 Trial and Faith
19 encore break / band intro
20 Presence of the Lord (Blind Faith)
21 Got to Get Better In a Little While (Derek & The Dominos)
Note: 2014 recording is A Doodee Music Master Recording. It's a 24/48 fileset, so if you want to burn to CD, you will need to convert to 16/44 first.

ROB SEZ: I'm not a fan of the whole Allman Brothers / Lynyrd Skynyrd / Widespread  Panic genre of jammy Southern rock. I can understand the musical appeal, so I don't knock it. It's just not what I choose to listen to. When legions of music fans latched onto Chris & Rich Robinson's Black Crowes as saviors of the genre, I shrugged. Recently, I was reading about Rich Robinson's new band, The Magpie Salute. A writer claimed that even though Chris Robinson is better known, Rich is the Robinson brother worth listening to. So I gave a listen to Rich's more recent solo recordings. Lo and behold, I liked what I heard — a lot. So I sought out some of the better bootlegs from his 2014 & 2016 tours & decided to share two of 'em here. EXTRA THANKS to the tapers & sharers at bt.etree — a lovely bunch of music fans. The sharer of the 2014 Charlotte show said it well: "For some reason, the seemingly forgotten man is Rich Robinson. And, ironically, he's produced outstanding music that, among all the offshoots, stays most true to the Black Crowes' ethos. Rich Robinson has quietly released two of the best albums in recent memory with 2012's Through a Crooked Sun and The Ceaseless Sight from 2014. Heartfelt, honest, emotionally raw and musically engaging, these two records have flown under the radar for most folks. If you don't own them you need to. Immediately." One more thing: the most recent solo album is Flux, probably his best yet.



Learn more about Rich Robinson's music 
(incl. Magpie Salute) at his web site & FB page


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  1. With or without a band, Rich is worth a good, long listen

    Rich Robinson (solo) - Eddie’s Attic, Decatur, GA 2015-08-15 (aud)

    An Acoustic Evening with Rich Robinson

    Eddie’s Attic, Decatur, GA

    August 15th, 2015

    01 One Road Hill

    02 I Remember

    03 I Have a Feeling

    04 Hey Fear

    05 Bye Bye Baby
06 Girl From the North Country (Bob Dylan)
07 Sign On the Window (Bob Dylan)

    08 Black Waterside

    09 Lost and Found

    10 In Comes the Night

    11 Roll Um Easy (Lowell George)

    12 All Along the Way
    3 Trial and Faith

    14 What Is Home (The Black Crowes)

    15 Oh Josephine (The Black Crowes)

    Recorded by D. Fries with Neumann KM184’s - thank you, kind soul!




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