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Maria McKee - Live in Sweden 1993 (pre-FM) + bonus

Goteborg, Sweden 
Nov. 6, 1993

preFM recording (sound quality: Ex-)

SAMPLE: "My Girlhood Among the Outlaws" (live 1993)

ROB SEZ: Bottom line: this is one of the best-sounding, best-performed Maria McKee boots in existence (yup, I have listened to most of 'em). There's another version of this show — a shorter FM capture, but this one has incredible sound quality. Extra big thanks to BK, araslim & Edwin for sharing this with the fans. The shorter live set from Germany is also pretty spiffy. Expect more from the Little Diva here in the coming days. [Psssst ... the mystery bonus share is not to be missed. Just poke around; you'll find it.]
Musicians(Dusseldorf show; see comment below for Goteborg line-up)
Maria McKee - guitar, vocals | Bruce Brody - keyboards
Marvin Etzioni - violin, mandolin | Don Heffington - drums
Susan Otten - perc. + backing vocals | Tammy Rogers - guitar, fiddle
Ben Fisher - bass
Dusseldorf, Germany
July 17, 1993

FM recording (sound quality VG++) 

01 I Can’t Make It Alone
02 My Lonely Sad Eyes
03 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
04 Breathe
05 Nobody’s Child
06 The Way Young Lovers Do
07 I’m Gonna Soothe You
08 Why Wasn’t I More Grateful
09 New Pony
10 Sister Anne - You Gotta Sin 
     to Get Saved

Maria hasn't released any albums of her own music in quite a while. But she's featured prominently in the soundtracks to husband Jim Akin's independent films. So if you want to hear recent "Maria McKee" music, check out the soundtracks for After the Triumph of Your Birth and The Ocean of Helena Lee. Most tracks are instrumentals, but a few longer MM songs with vocals are sprinkled in...

Learn more about Maria McKee's music 


  1. Do I have a bonus share for you!

    Maria McKee - Complete Songs from the Little Diva (rarities collection 1987-1996)
    includes Gang of Angels (Songs from the Little Diva 1987-1993) - 21 tracks
    What's Going on With Miss X (More Songs from the Little Diva 1992-96) - 20 tracks
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  2. Thank You so much for sharing these Songs ! One of my favorite bands who i was lucky enough to see them a few times way back when , including the Boston show you included here !

  3. Correction to your Gothenburg musicians: Ben Fisher (RIP) was lead guitar. Marvin played bass. Agree that it's one of the best live Maria boots out there (and I've heard hundreds).

  4. A further correction: The band you've listed for Gothenburg is actually not the correct line up at all. That band (with Ben Fisher on lead guitar) was from the early '93 tour. A good recording of that band is the Logo show from June 23, 1993. The late '93/'94 tour (which included Gothenburg) was a pared-down touring band - and was the band that eventually went into the studio for Life is Sweet: Maria - gtr/kbd/vox, Bruce Brody - Kbd, Rick Kavin - Drums, David Nolte - Bass, Susan Otten - Vox. On a few songs, Brody would handle bass so Nolte could play a rough lead guitar (e.g. "When You Were Mine" and "Jupiter & Teardrop"). There's a good vid of this pared-down touring band on youtube - just search for "My Lonely Sad Eyes" on the Chevy Chase show - great performance on a very short-lived show ... in fact Maria's appearance was on the very last show (or perhaps 2nd-to-last) before they cancelled Chevy.

    1. Thank you for this info. I stand corrected, and will update the post to indicate the musicians I listed are for the Dusseldorf show only.


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