Tuesday, January 9

Marshmallow (Alan Gregg) - London 2005

The Borderline 
London, UK
April 12, 2005

audience recording (sound quality: VG+)

01 Chopping Wood and Carrying Water
02 Anytime Soon
03 Come Sunday
04 Snow
05 Do the Decent Thing
06 Empty Beach
07 Hang Up On You
08 Little Genius
09 Let Me Love You
     (Like There's No Tomorrow) 
10 Just North of Nowhere
11 Scooter Girl
12 Casting Couch
13 Later On
14 Open Mic Night

ROB SEZ: I'm a huge fan of New Zealand legends The Muttonbirds. When I learned that bassist Alan Gregg formed his own band, I had to hear it. After Muttonbirds dissolved and the other members returned to New Zealand, Gregg stayed behind in London and wrote the music that appeared on Marshmallow's eponymous debut long-player. If you like Muttonbirds, Crowded House, etc., Marshmallow is definitely worth your while. Mega thanks to Don for sharing this rarity. 
ASH Tuesday post #84


  1. Thanks for this. The best Muttonbirds songs are about the best songs there are. I know some Marshmallow songs and look forward to hearing this. ALSO, I fail to comment often enough but this site is really, really good. Bruce

  2. Thanx 4 sharing this,much appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the thanks, Bruce & coley. Out of everything I've posted, I didn't anticipate any comments on this one, but I'll take 'em! 8-)


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