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Even - Brisbane, AUS Jan. 2017 (preFM) + bonus

The Foundry
Brisbane, AUS
Jan. 14, 2017

‘Live Delay’ digital broadcast (first aired Sept. 10, 2017) 

preFM (sound quality: VG++; webstream recording)

SAMPLE: "Weather King" (live 2017)

EVEN: the face of rock 'n' roll, 2017.  Fab photos by Carbie Warbie
00 Live Delay intro
01 Karmic Flop
02 No One Understands Me 
03 Stop and Go Man
04 End to End
05 Don't Wait
06 Eternal Teen
07 Weather King
08 Way
09 Dear Morris
10 She Told Me So
11 Little Red Taxi
12 Peaches and Cream
13 Little Piece
14 Shining Star

NOTES: 01 - 12 = The Less Is More album, played live; 13 & 14 = encores
All the DJ intrusions have been removed, but I decided to keep most of the intro section. It includes a pretty good summary of the band’s history. HUGE thanks to Live Delay and Branko Cosic.

EVEN: playing together for 23 years.
Way past time for their music to be heard
ROB SEZ: WOW! I cannot believe my good luck finding this live set by Even in excellent sound quality. If you’ve been paying much attention to the blog this year, you know I’m a HUGE fan of this band. I'm posting this in the hope others will discover the musical treasure created by Ash Naylor & Co. If there’s only one new band you have time to check out, make it Australia’s amazing Even. A pretty good place to start: this video gallery of the band's singles (begin with 'Mayfair Laundry Bus', then move on from there). The bonus set is part of their opening slot for Midnight Oil in Wodonga earlier this month. It's a not bad audience recording that will please those who're already fans. It includes a previously unreleased new song, slated for the band's next studio album.
Victoria, AUS
Nov. 3, 2017
   supporting Midnight Oil
    audience recording
(sound quality: VG- to VG) 

01 Little Piece
02 Black Umbrella
03 Stop and Go Man
04 Victoria (new song)
05 Don't Wait
05 Life Gets In the Way
06 We Are the Purple Nazz

NOTE: this is lacking at least 1 song the band played on this occasion, and I’m guessing there were others not captured in this recording. Many thanks to preserver7777 for sharing.

(the brief Wodonga set, included with both downloads, is only available in high-quality MP3)

Learn more about Even's music at

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  1. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all. Here's your latest hidden goodie:

    Even - Carbie Warbie's Best (live 2010-2016) + bonus

    9 live tracks ripped from Carbie Warbie’s best-sounding video shares. Look for Carbie Warbie’s stunning videos on Vimeo and other fine sites. He obviously likes Even! Sound quality is GD to VG.

    Plus a bonus share inside the folder for the above:

    Ash Naylor - Live, Duets & Miscellaneous

    7 tracks, most of them live, that don’t fit into other categories. Great sound quality on most of these.




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