Tuesday, November 28

Bad finger - Without You (Demos, Outtakes & Rarities)

Demos, Outtakes & Rarities
recording info: various
soundboard recordings (quality: VG- to VG+)

ROB SEZ: Hands down, this is the best Bad finger rarities compilation I know. High-quality demos, rough mixes, alt. mixes & outtakes — with faux "Japanese edition" artwork thrown in for good measure. 49 tracks, none officially released, sure to please the group's many fans. (Apparently, all but the final 13 "bonus tracks" on Disc 2 were released on an earlier boot compilation titled For Pete's Sake.) Strictly speaking, this is not from ASH. But it was inspired by Don and the other musos at ASH who loved this band. Enjoy.
FLAC (not my file or upload, so I don't know how long this FLAC link will stay alive...)
ASH Tuesday post #81


  1. Hi

    Thanks a lot.

    Robert Pally

  2. Yes. This is fantastic. In my dreams Apple and Warner would release a proper Badfinger box set.

    1. Wouldn't that be great? So many other archival box sets are coming out; why not one for Badfinger??

  3. Very kind of you to share this! Thanks very much. Agree on the box set.If we have to put up with yet another "40th Anniversary" "Never Mind the Bullocks, Heres the Sex Pistols" Box, why not Badfinger.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this and the the Strawbs / Dave Cousins files. Love them both!



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