Friday, November 10

Lilys - Sacramento, CA 2017

Starlite Lounge
Sacramento, CA 
Feb. 3, 2017
audience recording (sound quality: VG+)

01 High Writer at Home
02 Overlit Canyon (The Obscured 

     Wingtip Memoir)
03 The Hermit Crab
04 Tone Bender
05 Radiotricity
06 Your Guest and Host
07 Threw a Day
08 Elsa
09 The Any Several Sundays
10 Ginger
11 The Perception Room
12 Touch the Water / Run Run Run (V.U. cover) 
13 Hymn
14 Claire Hates Me (false start)
15 Coby
16 Will My Lord Be Gardening
17 Dandy

Do bands have to pay extra for the psychedelic/swirly light show?
ROB SEZ: I'm told Lilys tried to be an American shoegazer / dream pop band in an early incarnation. This live set suggests they've returned to shoe-gazing for their predominant style. Feel free to call it what you like. But if you're into moody, guitar-heavy, densely melodic songs with curious lyrics, Lilys might be your new groove. Check the sample, get the download, and enjoy. Big thanks & kudos to Jim M. for recording & sharing. There's more here; you just have to poke around to find it...


Learn more about Lilys' music at AllMusic, Wikipedia and the band's FB page. What — you've never heard Lilys' Eccsame the Photon Band?!?
You can fix that HERE.


  1. Lilys - Miscellaneous Rarities

    Right Thing to Do (prev. unrel.)
    Dreams Never End (New Order cover)
    Coby (backing track, no vocal)
    Excelsior Plainside (prev. unrel.)
    Any Several Sundays (early unrel. version)
    Hark, The Open Energy Channel Is Icy Water, Water Everywhere (B-side)
    Baby's a Dealer (radio session version)
    Touch the Water (prev. unrel. 45 version)
    Any Several Sundays (Station Tapes version)
    Baby's a Dealer (B-side version)
    Welfare Murder Plot (B-side)
    Overlit Canyon - Live 2016-07-03 - performed by Kurt Heasley (Lilys frontman) in celebration of the life of Thomas Fekete

    HEAP O’ THANKS TO ALL for sharing: vacantmoon, FIGBOX, Radiofred, telefunkin74 & especially Paul Lewis for generously sharing so many excellent rarities.

    NOTE: these are just the raw transfers. I’ve done no tagging, tracking, fade-ins/outs or eq’ing. Please feel free if you’re so inclined…


  2. Happy to see you embracing Lilys!

    1. Well, they're honestly a rough fit for me. At times, a bit too "out there" for my musical tastes. That said, I can't deny Kurt has written some enjoyably compelling music over the years...


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