Friday, May 26

Midnight Oil - Chicago, IL 2017

The Vic Theatre
full artwork by ethiessen included

Chicago, IL
May 18th, 2017

audience recording (sound quality VG++; impressive sound for an audie; there's occasional crowd noise)

performance: smokin'

NOTE: tracks 2-11 = the album 10, 9, 8…. played in its entirety (first time on 2017 tour)

01 stage entrance, pre-recorded intro music
02 Outside World 
03 Only the Strong 
04 Short Memory 
05 Read About It 
06 Scream In Blue 
07 U.S. Forces 
08 Power and the Passion 
09 Maralinga 
10 Tin Legs and Tin Mines 
11 Somebody's Trying 

      to Tell Me Something 
12 band intros 
13 My Country 
14 When the Generals Talk 
15 Spirit of the Age 
16 Ships of Freedom 
17 Kosciusko 
18 The Dead Heart 
19 Beds Are Burning 
20 Blue Sky Mine 
21 Dreamworld 
22 Put Down That Weapon 
23 Truganini 
24 Forgotten Years 
25 Sometimes

SAMPLE: "Only the Strong" (Chicago 2017)

ROB SEZ: They're back — and I say none too soon. Love 'em or not, Midnight Oil carried the torch for rock with melody, message & integrity for decades before folding around the start of the century. I think we need voices like Peter Garrett's more than ever. Right now, the band is in the midst of a world tour, and this month marks the re-release of their entire catalogue plus a shed-load of rare and previously unreleased material. I also posted a double-shot of live acoustic Oils from 1993 HERE

Taper RyanJ says: Been a fan of the Oils since I was a child. So I was very excited to see them. Their songs still hold up in the political strife that our world is in today. They have been performing almost their whole catalog of tunes and tonight they decided to perform their album '10-1' from start to finish! Very cool…. It was worth the 3.5 hour drive to see them!

MASSIVE THANKS to RyanJ for taping, to RITCNIN for sharing, and ethiessen for the artwork.

Learn more about Midnight Oil's music at the band's own siteWikipedia & this fan site


  1. Thank you sir. Just discovered your excellent blog. What amazing taste in tunes you have. Some great additions to my audio collection from some of my most treasured, some hard to find band boots...

    1. Welcome aboard, Wordmeester. Glad to hear of your interest and that you found some goodies to enjoy.


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