Tuesday, May 9

Frank Bango - WFMU Live Session 2011

Mary Wing’s '100% Whatever' show 
WFMU Live Session
Jersey City, N.J.
October 2011

preFM recording (sound quality Ex-) 

01 Defenseless
02 Bunny In a Bunny Suit
03 We Say Things
04 Too Lazy to Love You
05 Couldn’t Possibly
06 Worm Was Wood
07 International Sign for Sorry
08 Bitter Moon
09 interview
10 Does the Bitter Moon Really
     Care How Dark It Gets?*

*Trk 10 = bonus track, from an undated live session

ROB SEZ: Although this is not from the old ASH blog, I thank Don & co. for helping me discover the joys of Frank Bango’s music. (Do you like Elvis Costello — even a bit? Then you should check out Frank B.) Cheers to the Free Music Archive and WFMU for its undying willingness to support & promote lesser-known artists like Frank.


Learn more about Frank Bango’s music at AllMusic, Frank's Sincere Recording web site, and FB page

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