Friday, May 19

Big Star (Alex Chilton) - Live Across 30 Years

Big Star (Sister Lovers)
WLYX-FM radio
Memphis, TN
January 1975

FM recording (sound quality VG-)

01 Femme Fatale
02 Oh Dana
03 Take Me Home & Make Me Like It
      (fades out) 
04 Jesus Christ
05 Death Cab for Cutie
06 Kizza Me
07 I Will Always Love You
08 The Letter

Alex Chilton — guitar & vocals
Jody Stephens — percussion
Pat Rainer, Randy Romano, Beth Hudson,
& other unnamed hangers-on — backing vocals & yapping

ROB SEZ: If you're drawn to the chaotic / shambolic vibe of late-period Big Star, you'll probably be amused by this train wreck of a live performance. Otherwise, I recommend sticking with the ones below...

Alex Chilton
Singer-Songwriter Marathon
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jan. 10, 1992

audience recording (sound quality VG+; transfer from master tape source)

01 stage entrance
02 Like a Sick Dog
03 I Will Turn Your Money Green  
04 Blind Man
05 Guantanamerika [tape flip]
06 Nighttime (abandoned) 
07 Single Again 
08 No Sex
09 Let's Get Lost
10 Only the Lonely

Recorded by Gentlen, transferred by scdegraaf, edited by Fredtaperin . Thanks to all of 'em!

various artists
Brett, Django, Skylar: singing Big Star
KCSN-FM studio
Northridge, CA
September 25, 2014

FM recording (sound quality Ex-) 

01 (interview part 1)
02 September Gurls
03 (interview part 2)
04 Take Care
05 (interview part 3)
06 Thirteen
07 (interview part 4)
08 Give Me Another Chance

Django Haskins
Susanna Hoffs (of The Bangles)
Skylar Gudasz
Brett Harris


ROB SEZ: This combo post kicks off coverage of Big Star Third Live, highlighting the recent release of the DVD / CD of Big Star Third Live's grand finale. Look for more here soon. If you don't already have it, GO GET IT! Amazon U.S. Amazon UK

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