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Jon Auer + Ken Stringfellow - Mid-1990s Demos

Jon Auer
1994 demos
soundboard recordings (quality VG++) 

The Posies' main men: Jon Auer (left) & Ken Stringfellow
01 Hate Song (revisited)
02 Fight It You Want
03 Throwaway
04 Somehow Everything
05 World
06 Elena Aria
07 Broken Record
08 Will You Ever Ease 
     Your Mind?
09 Grow
10 Placebo
11 Sad to Be Aware
12 Every Bitter Drop
13 Daily Mutilation

Ken Stringfellow
Mid-1990s demos
soundboard recordings (quality VG++)

01 The Certainty
02 Everybody Is a F*&%ing Liar
03 Please Return It
04 Precious Moments
05 Who to Blame
06 You're the Beautiful One
07 Song #1
08 Terrorized
09 Friendship of the Future
10 Grant Hart
11 Pay You Back In Time
12 Oh Michael
13 Limitless Expressions

ROB SEZ: Fun experiment: listen to both sets of demos on random play with your eyes closed and try to figure out whether Jon or Ken is the one singing. Makes me wonder: did they always have similar-sounding voices, or was it all those years of singing together in The Posies? Many of these songs appeared in fully developed form on The Posies' Amazing Disgrace album, released in 1996. A handful of others appeared on the subsequent Success, released in 1998. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Don at the old ASH blog for the Ken S. demos and spavid at Wilfully Obscure for the Jon A. demos (an "Auer of Power" indeed!). Enjoy these — and the mystery bonus share, if you can find it.

MP3@320 (Auer demos = MP3@VBR, med. quality)

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  1. Hello, fans of Jon, Ken & The Posies. For checking out the comments section, you get a double bonus! (= 2 separate download kinks)

    Jon Auer - live
    Planta Baja
    24 January 2002

Jon Auer with band; FM or soundboard recording (excellent quality)

    01 Tears

    02 Tuesday

    03 Pretty Picture

    04 Baby Bitch

    05 Josephine
06 Tiny Hands

    07 The Perfect Size

    08 Green Eyes

    09 Overload

    10 23 Below (Freezing)
11 All U People

    12 You Used to Drive Me Around
13 Beautiful Stranger

    14 Dream All Day

    15 Flavour of the Month

    Special thanks to Don at the old ASH blog for sharing!


    The Posies - live
    Frosting On the Beater - live 2013
    Nov. 2013
    The year 2013 marked the 20th anniversary of the Posies landmark album "Frosting on the Beater" and to celebrate, Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer went back to Spain in November to perform it, with Mike Musburger and Dave Fox, who played on the album originally. The band performed the entire album plus an encore of four songs.

Frosting On the Beater
Dream All Day / Solar Sister / Flavor Of The Month / Love Letter Boxes / Definite Door / Burn & Shine / Earlier Than Expected / 20 Questions / When Mutes Tongues Can Speak / Lights Out / How She Lied By Living / Coming Right Along



    Licenses to Hide / The Glitter Prize (from Blood/Candy) /
Somehow Everything / You Are the Beautiful One (from Success)

    HUGE BIG THANKS to Angelo at PPC for sharing. He says, “I got the soundboard recording of the show from a spanish mate at the Alta Tension.”



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