Tuesday, May 10

Lightning Seeds - Live 1997 & 1998

Oxford, UK
Oct. 26, 1997

FM capture (sound quality VG+) 

01 All I Want
02 Change
03 What You Say
04 Sense
05 Marvellous
06 Pure and Simple
07 Perfect
08 You Showed Me
09 Ready Or Not

10 What If?
11 Sugar Coated Iceberg
12 Lucky You

V96 Festival + 
Glastonbury ‘98

FM capture (sound quality VG+) 

01 Sugar Coated Iceberg
02 Perfect
03 Life of Riley
04 Pure
05 Lucky You
06 Change
07 Life of Riley
08 You Showed Me
09 What If
10 Sugar Coated Iceberg 
11 Lucky You
12 Three Lions (1998)

ROB SEZ: no time for extra info on this post, except to say MEGA THANKS to Audio Ammunition for the Oxford set and to Don at the old ASH blog for the V96 + Glastonbury '98 set.

ASH Tuesday post #42


  1. Hi.
    Thanks for these to shows & all you share here.
    I always find cool things to download & listen to & pass on to friends.
    Very much appreciated!
    CC [From England]

    1. Cheers, CC. Thanks a lot for stopping by & leaving me a comment.

  2. Fantastic; nice to hear the live stuff; own all the cd's and lots of singles but this is great.

    1. Keith - glad to know you found something you can enjoy.


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