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Japan + David Sylvian solo - Live 1982 + 2004

JAPAN: a band on the verge in 1982. Fin Costello photo
The Netherlands
October 7, 1982 

FM capture
(sound quality VG+)

01 Sons of Pioneers — Alien
02 Gentlemen Take Polaroids
03 Cantonese Boy
04 Visions of China
05 Nightporter
06 Canton
07 Ghosts
08 Still Life in Mobile Homes*
09 Quiet Life — The Art of Parties
10 radio outro

*with track 08, there was a tape flip around 3:39, which explains the gap in the music

Budokan Hall
Tokyo, Japan
Dec. 8, 1982 

FM capture (sound quality VG+; 
some tracks transferred from vinyl)

01 Burning Bridges
02 Sons of Pioneers
03 Alien
04 Gentlemen Take Polaroids
05 Swing
06 Cantonese Boy
07 Visions of China
08 Nightporter
09 Ghosts
10 Still Life In Mobile Homes

01 Methods of Dance
02 Quiet Life
03 European Son
04 The Art of Parties
05 Bamboo Music (duet with Akiko Yano)
06 Taking Islands In Africa
      (Y. Takahashi, lead voc.)
07 (pre-encore applause) 
08 Life In Tokyo
09 Canton
10 Good Night (duet with Akiko Yano)

QUITE SINCERE THANKS to Dave, Davesolar, Michael W., & erutanlive for their respective roles in sharing this recording 

David Sylvian - vocals, guitar 
Mick Karn - bass
Steve Jansen - drums
Richard Barbieri - keyboards
Ryuichi Sakamoto - keyboard

Members of Yellow Magic Orchestra joined Japan near the end of the set on various songs. 

This is one of the last live shows Japan ever played.

David Sylvian
Sankei Hall
Osaka, Japan
April 27, 2004  

audience recording (sound quality VG+ to VG++)

01 entrance 
02 Blemish 
03 The Good Son 
04 The Only Daughter 
05 The Heart Knows Better 
06 She Is Not 
07 Late Night Shopping 
08 How Little We Need to Be Happy 
09 A Fire In the Forest 
10 The Other Side of Life 

01 When Poets Dreamed of Angels — Cries & Whispers 
02 The Shining of Things  
03 Blue Skinned Gods 
04 Praise 
05 Maria 
06 Wasn't I Joe 
07 World Citizen 
08 Jean the Birdman 

MEGA THANKS to Sylph for recording and to AWS
for sharing this one.

ROB SEZ: I picked some lesser-known live sets to share as a reward to the Japan / D. Sylvian fans who've patiently waited for me to fulfill their request. There's a further bonus for you somewhere around here... Enjoy!

Anthony Reynolds' comprehensive band bio, Japan: A Foreign Place
is out now in softback (original hardback edition is sold out).
Mine just arrived in the mail and I can't wait to dig in...

Learn more about the music of Japan and David Sylvian at Wikipedia, the official DS site, FB pages (DS, Japan) & this comprehensive fan site.


  1. Fans of Japan & David Sylvian have waited so long for me to post something; I think you deserve a bonus:

    (Sylvian, Karn, Jansen, Barbieri, Dean)
    Studio Demos

    Japan playing live in the studio, prior to the release of the group’s first album.

    soundboard / studio recording (sound quality VG)

    01. Suburban Love
    02. Mementoes Of Your Love (Carnal Connection) *
    03. Diamonds (Make You Feel Like A Woman) *
    04. Lovers On Main Street
    05. Body Rhythm *
    06. Keep On Up *
    07. Going Round *
    08. Stateline
    09. Stepping Out *
    10. The Unconventional
    11. Wish You Were Black
    12. Adolescent Sex

    total time 57:41 min.

    * songs which were never officially released

  2. Thanks for these shows & the "extra",looking forward to listening to these later.
    Appreciate all you do & share.
    Best wishes,
    CC England

  3. Wow! Great bonus. Thanks so much!

  4. Thank You so much for the Japan demos, can't wait to hear these songs


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