Tuesday, May 17

Rooney - Berlin & Soundstage live 2010

The Lido
Promoting the new album on The Today Show
Berlin, Germany
Oct. 10, 2010

FM capture (sound 
quality VG+) 

01 I'm Shakin'
02 Holding On
03 Blueside
04 Are You Afraid?
05 Stars and Stripes
06 Don't Come 
     Around Again 
07 Daisy Duke
08 The Hunch
09 Paralyzed
10 Do Not Look
11 If It Were Up to Me
12 I Can't Get Enough
13 Not In My House
14 When Did Your Heart 
     Go Missing?

Live on Soundstage
Chicago, IL
(venue & exact date unknown)

soundboard recording via web stream (sound quality Ex-)

01 Paralyzed
02 Calling the World
03 Blueside
04 Are You Afraid?
05 Daisy Duke
06 Tell Me Soon
07 Don't Come Around 
08 If It Were Uo to Me
09 All In Your Head
10 Sorry Sorry
11 I Should've Been 
     After You
12 I'm Shakin'
13 When Did You Heart 
     Go Missing? 

ROB SEZ: Not from ASH, but inspired by the old ASH blog, where I first learned about the L.A.-based band. Think of Rooney as an American version of Sloan. Big thanks to thCK69 for sharing the Berlin set.

The band’s brand-new studio album is Washed Away
 Buy it on CD or MP3 at Amazon 

Learn more about the music of Rooney at
the band’s web site, FB and Wikipedia