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The The - Four Live Sets 2000

Four Live Sets
2000 World Tour

FM captures + 1 webstream (sound quality VG+ to Ex-) 

ROB SEZ: Massive talent Matt Johnson released the last The The studio album NakedSelf, then promptly embarked on a lengthy world tour in 2000. This is a snapshot of that tour in four sets. Please enjoy.

BIG THANKS to ziggyswoon for sharing, and to nateup2late for sharing, for pointing me to the MBE web stream, and suggesting how to fix the original Melkweg share.

Der Melkweg
Amsterdam, Holland
Jan. 25, 2000

FM capture

01 Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)   
02 Dogs of Lust   
03 Voidy Numbness   
04 December Sunlight  
05 The Beat(en) Generation   
06 Global Eyes   
07 Soul Catcher  
08 This Is the Day   
09 Shrunken Man   
10 Swine Fever   
11 Weather Belle    
12 Infected   
13 Salt Water 
14 Boiling Point   
15 Uncertain Smile
16 Phantom Walls (end cut)

Matt Johnson (solo acoustic)
‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ with Nic Harcourt, KCRW-FM
Santa Monica, CA
May 17, 2000

web stream (double-track mono)

01 Armageddon Days Are 
     Here (Again) 
02 Soul Catcher 
03 This Is the Day 
04 Weary Blues from Waiting 
05 The Beat(en) Generation 
06 Weatherbelle 
07 Love Is Stronger Than Death
     (interview segments have 
       been edited out)

Vic Theater
Chicago, IL
Sept. 23, 2000

FM capture

01 Dogs of Lust
02 Helpline Operator 
03 Soul Catcher
04 Heartland
05 This Is the Day
06 Global Eyes
07 Icing Up
08 Swine Fever
09 Love Is Stronger Than Death
10 Armageddon Days Are 
     Here (Again)
11 Infected
12 Phantom Walls

Rockpalast Christmas Special
Palladium, Cologne, Germany 
Dec. 16, 2000
FINALLY, a smile! Matt Johnson is The The

FM capture

01 Boiling Point
02 Voidy Numbness
03 Dogs of Lust
04 Helpline Operator
05 Global Eyes
06 Soul Catcher
07 This Is the Day
08 December Sunlight
09 Swine Fever
10 Phantom Walls  
11 Love Is Stronger 
     Than Death
12 Bluer Than Midnight   
13 Armageddon Days Are 
     Here (Again)


The The:
Matt Johnson - vocals, guitar
Eric Schermerhorn - guitar, backing vocals
Spencer Campbell - bass, backing vocals
Earl Harvin - drums, harmonium

Learn more about the music of The The & Matt Johnson at the band's official site and Wikipedia


  1. Uncertain Smile; one of the best singles of the 80s

    1. Undoubtedly so, not to mention This Is the Day.

  2. thanks, not enough the the boots around.

    1. Glad to, anonymous. Like my other posts, it was a labor of love.

  3. Many thanks to all who made this share possible.
    It is very much appreciated.

  4. Thank you, much needed in 2020!

  5. Sadly I jumped the gun. these are archived :(

    1. Anonymous - not sure what you mean by "archived", but the link still works. I recommend you try the link again.


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