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Josef K - Live 1981

Edinburgh College of Art
Edinburgh, Scotland
June 12, 1981

audience recording (sound quality VG-; lineage unknown, but it sounds like a 2nd-generation tape of a pretty good audience recording without excessive crowd noise)

Josef K - The mysterious, short-lived, fabulous Scottish band lasted about 3 years

MULTIPLE THANKS to the band for sharing these with the fans!

ROB SEZ: Musically a melange of Gang of Four, Joy Division, The Feelies, and early Talking Heads, Josef K were ahead of their time. But it's never too late to enjoy their music. Franz Ferdinand says they wouldn't exist if it hadn't been for Josef K. Check the sample to find out why Trouser Press called Josef K "the definitive Scottish neo-pop masters" of their era.

SAMPLE: "Heart of Song" (Edinburgh 1981)

01 Applebush
02 Fun ’n’ Frenzy
03 Heart of Song
04 Revelation
05 The Angle
06 Sixteen Years
07 It’s Kinda Funny
08 Forever Drone
09 Citizens
10 Sorry for Laughing

Trinity Hall
Bristol, UK
Aug. 2, 1981

audience recording (sound quality VG; sound quality waits until 2nd song to improve, but this is a very solid-sounding audie)

Tape case insert courtesy of Clifford S
01 Chance Meeting
02 Fun ’n’ Frenzy
03 Forever Drone
04 Heart of Song
05 The Missionary
06 Sorry for Laughing
07 It’s Kinda Funny
08 Heaven Sent
09 The Angle

10 Adoration


Paul Haig - guitar, vocals
Malcom Ross - guitar, vocals,
David Weddell - bass
Ronnie Torrance - drums

Learn more about the music of Josef K at the band's web site. Read a bio of the band 
at Les Disques du Crepuscule.


  1. Ta! Whilst on the Scots, check out here and, on the same blog, my posts of the Scars and The Armoury Show;

    Cheers, Dave (coincidentally) Sez.

  2. Amazing to find this! I was at the Bristol gig and I've got a tape of it somewhere. The recording was obtained by a friend of a friend and he somehow managed to get a sound desk recording of the gig. I'm pretty sure this is the same recording, hence the quality of the recording and the lack of noise from the audience. It's really funny the way Malcolm Ross keeps asking for more guitar in the monitor, then asks for less guitar and then says that the monitor has cut out! I was looking for my tape of the gig, but can't find it at the moment, so it's been great to find it here so I can listen to it again.

    1. Cheers, Simon. Very jealous you were at the Bristol show!


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