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Let's Active - Los Angeles 1989

Club Lingerie
Los Angeles, CA
March 24, 1989

Mitch at a Let's Active show, 1989

audience recording (sound quality: VG; a solid audience recording from the master tape with only a modest amount of crowd noise)
ROB SEZ: One of the better late-period L.A. shows in my collection, with a good performance & sound quality.

01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Orpheus In Hades Lounge
03 Night Train
04 Fell
05 Sweepstakes Winner
06 Horizon
07 In Little Ways
08 Too Bad
09 I Feel Funny
10 Mr. Fool
11 Badger
12 Every Word Means No
13 Last Chance Town
14 Every Dog Has His Day
15 Ten Layers Down

Indianapolis show, 1986

Let’s Active:
Mitch Easter – guitars, vocals
Jon Heames - bass
Eric Marshall – drums
Angie Carlson – keyboards, vocals, additional guitar
WORD TO THE WISE: if you poke around a bit, you should find 
a very groovy set of bonus tracks somewhere... 


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  1. psssst; over here!

    Let’s Active
    Pterodactyl Club
    Charlotte, N.C.
    Nov. 16, 1988


    audience recording (sound quality VG-)

    01 faffing around
    02 EDHHD run-through
    03 Room With a View run-through (interrupted, then resumed)
    04 goofing around
    05 Mr. Fool run-through

    TT = 17 mins.

    MEGA THANKS to the taper, and to dB’s Fan for sharing

    WAV lossless files:


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