Friday, December 5

World Party - Arkeology Leftovers (more rarities)

(stuff that didn't make it onto the box set)
various dates & sources (most all from studio or demo sessions)
sound quality: VG+ to Ex
Karl Wallinger: the genius behind World Party, still going strong.
 photo by artolog via Flickr
NOTE: This set includes 3 previously unreleased Beatles covers. Sources for the tracks are too numerous to detail here. In general, some are from a previous incarnation of, the old, as well as the bonus DVD that came with the Seaview edition of Dumbing Up. Be prepared, though, since they’re all over the map re: sound quality, volume levels, bit rates, audio imperfections, etc. None is previously released, as far as official/commercial releases go.

ROB SEZ: Karl freaking Wallinger!! Is there another musician alive making rock and pop music who’s as talented and under-appreciated as K.W.? Can’t think of a single person I’d put above 'Mr. World Party'. Abundant evidence for my claim can be found in this here post. These ‘leftovers’ (left off the recent 5-disc box set — which is all rarities) would be the envy of many better-known artists. The Mrs. and I caught a WP live show earlier this year — and we're here to tell you that Karl's still got it. 

(Check the sample and get a 4-minute master class re: how to take a classic tune and make it one's own.)    
SAMPLE: "The Long & Winding Road" (unrel.)

Karl & Co. play Chicago, IL in 2006
photo by Barry Brecheisen
01 Leave You to Find You
02 Don't B Late 4 2morrow
03 You're a Hurricane, 
     I'm a Caravan (demo)
04 Picture This (unfinished demo)
05 These Are the Days
06 Yeah Yeah Yeah
07 Nowhere Man
08 The Long & Winding Road
09 All You Need Is Love
10 Everybody Dance Now
11 Show Me to the Top (diff. mix)
12 Hollywood (groovy remix)
13 Strange Groove (live)
14 Photograph ('failed version')
15 Backwards for Your Love
16 (mystery track)

TT: 1:11:53

Special thanks to Scott for sharing tracks 1, 3, 4, 7-9

MP3 (variable bit rates)

World Party is Karl Wallinger ... and whomever he collaborates with. Just about everything you hear in this set is played, sung & produced by KW.

World Party’s most recent release is Arkeology, 
a 5-disc archival treasure trove 
(I own this, and I LOVE it. Read Bill Kopp's review 
of Arkeology at his Musoscribe blog HERE). 

Learn more about the music of Karl Wallinger and World Party at the official site and/or AllMusic


  1. Once again... thanks. I'm in mid-download mode, after listening to the Long and Winding Road cover. Wow! It's phenomenal - an excellent combination of reverence and redefinition.

  2. I'm putting together an album of all the World Party covers of Beatles songs. Does anyone know what year the versions of "All You Need Is Love" and "The Long and Winding Road" are from?


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