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Mitch Easter - 2 live shows, 2006

Two full-band shows from 2006
soundboard & FM

Mitch was promoting his forthcoming solo album, Dynamico, in 2006
sound quality: Ex-

BUNCHA THANKS to the tapers and EXTRAVAGANT THANKS to Mick & Otis B for the shares.

ROB SEZ: One more reason the Internet is so great: I get to connect with people like Otis B. He got in touch one day out of the blue and shared these two shows with me. Both of them sound great, and have a mix of new and old tunes. Of the two, I prefer the later performance at WFMU for its fun atmosphere. Mitch & co. sound like they’re having a blast…

SAMPLE: "1 & 1/2 Way Street" (live WFMU)
The Garage, Winston Salem, NC 2006-04-03 (sbd)
01 Sudden Crown Drop
02 Total Rats
03 One and a Half Way Street
04 Ton of Bricks
05 You and Me
06 In Little Ways
07 Badger
08 So Gone Away
09 Dusky Lair
10 Love Slaves to Paradise Lost
11 Gonna Cry
12 Phantoms of Ephemera
13 It's So Easy
14 Time Warping
15 Stupid Proof
WFMU, Jersey City, NJ 2006-11-29 (FM)
01 Time Warping*
02 Sudden Crown Drop*
03 Flags for Everything
04 Dusky Lair
05 Every Word Means No
06 Reflecting Pool
07 Waters Part
08 Ton of Bricks
09 One and a Half Way Street
10 Edge of the World
11 You and Me
12 interview

*These 2 tracks have very brief anomalies due to streaming hiccups.
I repaired them as best I could... 

MP3@256 (second show @160)  

Mitch Easter – guitar, vocals
Shalini Chatterjee – bass, vocals 
Eric Marshall - drums 

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