Friday, December 12

Jellyfish - Live Nov. 1993 + bonus

soundboard-sourced live compilation
from ‘Socrates, Pathos, & Plato’ (liberated boot)

JELLYFISH: their music is probably more beloved 
today, 20 years after their demise

sound quality: Ex- (bonus tracks VG+)

ALL HAIL siveld, Shalom Aberle, and Jellyblog for sharing these tracks.

ROB SEZ: If you’re a Jellyfish fan, you probably know about the deluxe reissues of the band’s two studio albums coming in January from Omnivore Recordings. They will be packed with extra tracks, but nothing from this set will appear on either one. As usual, none of these has ever appeared on an official/commercial release. 

SAMPLE: "The King Is Half Undressed" (live '93)

01 All Is Forgiven
02 Sebrina, Paste, and Plato
03 That Is Why
04 New Mistake
05 I Wanna Stay Home
06 The Ghost at Number One
07 The Man I Used to Be
08 Baby's Coming Back
09 The King Is Half Undressed
10 All I Want Is Everything

11 Now She Knows She's Wrong  
     (London, 1991)
12 That Is Why (London, 1991)

13 By Bye Bye (live on ‘Later’ 1993)
14 The Ghost at Number One (live on ‘Later’ 1993)

Full artwork for this boot is in the DL
TT: 52:29

1-10 = soundboard live compilation from Socrates, Pathos & Plato boot CD. Culled from various live shows, November 1993.*
11 & 12 = Wembley Stadium, London, UK 
     July 13, 1991 (FM, speed-corrected)
13 & 14 = Live on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ 1993 (Shalom Aberle stereo mixes)
*(4 tracks from the S, P, & P boot were omitted here since they were included in the Not Lame box set from 2002)
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Get thee to the fab BBChron blog.

Jellyfish: a brief but pretty sweet ride.
Learn more about the music of Jellyfish 
at AllMusic, Omnivore's artist page,  
or this fan site.



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