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The Only Ones - Minneapolis 1979 (sbd)

The Only Ones
Longhorn Bar
Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 2, 1979

soundboard recording (quality: VG; good sound from second-generation tape source; the notoriously erratic Only Ones give an energetic performance)

The Only Ones: a fading musical memory, but one worth tuning in...

ROB SEZ: For a long time, I didn’t know much about The Only Ones. Then I heard that Will Rigby likes the band, so I put ‘em on my radar screen. Turns out they’re one of the best “lost bands” from the late 1970s and early 1980s — an invigorating mix of rock and punk with a dash of British New Wave and a touch of dark lyricism. Attentive dB's fans know the guys would cover "Lovers of Today" on occasion. Recently, I gave them a listen and found this excellent live show to share. Sincere thanks to SEETHELIGHT7 and to stacheleber for sharing and giving me the go-ahead to post it here. Please honor stacheleber's request to only share it losslessly (even if you convert it to lossy for personal use).  This one’s for Will, and any other Only Ones fans out there...

01 City of Fun
02 Inbetweens
03 Programme
04 As My Wife Says
05 The Big Sleep
06 Miles from Nowhere
07 Lovers of Today
08 Another Girl, Another Planet
09 Peter and the Pets
10 crowd noise
11 Me and My Shadow
12 The Big Sleep
13 Lucinda
14 No Solution
15 Out There In the Night
16 The Whole of the Law
17 Curtains for You
18 Another Girl, Another Planet
19 The Beast
20 Peter and the Pets
21 No Peace for the Wicked
22 City of Fun
TT: 1:22:56
NOTES: First set = 1-9; second set = 10-22; some songs were played in both sets; the previous night's show at the same locale is also in circulation

WAV lossless files

The Only Ones:
Peter Perrett - vocals, guitar
John Perry - guitar
Alan Mair - bass
Mike Kellie - drums

 Learn more about the music of The Only Ones at the band's site, Trouser Press and/or Wikipedia.



    Your reward for checking the comments section is this Only Ones Rarities collection, assembled by Robinbrevard for those blog readers who want to go a little deeper…



    01 Creature of Doom (live)
    Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival, London, UK 1977-12-06
    (THANK YOU lostturntable)

    02 City of Fun (live)
    Paris, FR 1979-10-28 (old England's Glory song) - John Perry collection

    03 The Big Sleep (1979 version, rare mix)
    Alan Mair's remix of M. Hannett 1979 version (Japanese-only release) - John Perry collection

    04 Flowers Die
    "Russian River" (?) - John Perry collection

    05 Black Operations (live)
    Live 2008 on 'Later' with J. Holland (new song; dual-channel mono)

    06 Why Don't You Kill Yourself? (live)
    Felipop Fest, Fene, Spain 2014-08-09 (via Soundcloud)

    07 Another Girl, Another Planet (live)
    live, late 1970s (venue, location, exact date unknown)

    08 BBC Interview, 1978

  2. Wow thank you for the extra Christmas present. I used to see these guys and bop to their albums. A lot of great tunes. Have you heard Psychedelic Furs first album, Another great one from those days. Great but a bit heavier is Pink Flag, WIre.

    And of course Television, Marque Moon.

    Play them all with a bit of volume. Happy new year.

  3. PS forgot to mention. Magazine. great beat.

    Cheers for so many memories.

  4. Spot on with them being unpredictable live. I saw them a few times and to say you never knew what you'd get is an understatement. One show brilliant, the next completely ramshackle, out of tune and out of it.

    1. Good thing they were ON this night!


      Thanks for the comment, Don...


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