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Teenage Fanclub - Ultimate TFc Acoustic Album

The Ultimate TFc Acoustic Album
various acoustic tracks, live sessions, alt. versions
preFM, soundboards & FM captures
sound quality range: VG to Ex- (only anomalies are a very few brief, static-induced pops on 2 tracks)   
Teenage Fanclub, onstage in 2010 (this & below, CBatka/NYTimes)
ROB SEZ: One of my favorite Teenage Fanclub releases is the all-acoustic Have Lost It EP. I realized recently that I have a treasure trove of TFc tracks, and could assemble the best acoustic (or, in some cases, semi-acoustic) tracks in one place. Although a handful of these appeared on compilations given away with some publication or other, none has seen an official/commercial release.

01 Mellow Doubt (White Session) 
Teenage Fanclub: Alex Chilton was a big fan
02 Starsign (White Session)
03 I'll Make It Clear
    (White Session)
04 Sparky's Dream
    (White Session)
05 Have You Ever Seen 
     the Rain? (White Session)
06 Verisimilitude (Radio 1)
07 Going Places (Radio 1)
08 I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better
    (Radio 1)
09 Cul De Sac (SBN Session)
10 The Sun Shines from You
    (SBN Session)
11 The World'll Be OK
    (alt. version, Scotland On Sunday)
12 I Need Direction (alt. version, Scotland On Sunday)
13 Green Grow the Rushes O' (Dutch Radio)
TFc still release records and tour, on occasion
14 The Shadows (Radio 1)
15 Norman 3 (VPRO Session)
16 Your Love Is the Place 
     Where I Come From (Vox)
17 Baby Lee (Radio 2)
18 Sweet Days Waiting (Radio 2)
TT: 1:06:53


Track Info
1-5 = White Sessions, Inter Studios, Paris, FR on Bernard Lenoir show (aka Black Sessions) 1995-04-11 (track 5 is CCR cover)
6-8 = BBC Radio 1 session with Mark Radcliffe 1995-06-21
9, 10 = SBN Session (location & date unknown)
11, 12 = rec. 1991, from Scotland On Sunday EP CD (newspaper give-away, 2005)
13 = (R. Burns song); Dutch radio acoustic session 1993 with Norman + Raymond
14 = (The Creepers cover); Live on Radio 1 tape (given away with Vox mag.), 1996
15 = Villa 65 show, VPRO Radio, Hilversum, Netherlands, Sept. 1993
16 = Haute Couture compilation CD (given away with Vox mag.), 1997
17, 18 = BBC Radio 2 live, Radcliffe and Maconie Session 2010-05-26

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  1. Thanks so much for this compilation! What is that "Mystery Track" that closes out this marvelous comp?

  2. Thanks a lot! Love TFC.
    Cheers Danny.

  3. Thank you very much for this!


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