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Marshall Crenshaw - Mountain Stage 1991 & 2009

Mountain Stage
Charleston, WV
1991 & 2009
bonus: Mitch Easter solo set!
Marshall Crenshaw: he's been making great music for decades

FM and pre-FM recordings

sound quality: Ex- (two great-sounding recordings)

BIG THANKS to TN for sharing the 1991 set and to a special friend of the blog for passing it along to me

REPERCUSSION: Mitch Easter produced a track on Crenshaw's third album, Downtown, and played guitar on the Don Dixon-produced follow-up, Mary Jean & 9 Others. As you can hear in the first of these shows, Mitch also played some live dates with MC.
MC plays the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass fest, 2009
photo by Debra Amerson via Flickr
Mountain Stage, Sept. 29, 1991 (aired week of 1992-10-04)
01 intro
02 Monday Morning Rock
03 Don't Disappear Now
04 Fantastic Planet of Love
05 Calling Out for Love at Crying Time
Enjoy a rare, early solo set by Mitch
photo by Paul Cory

06 Chalk Outline (Mitch Easter)
07 Turn Me, Too (Mitch Easter)
08 I Wonder (Mitch Easter)

09 Cynical Girl
10 Valerie (Richard Thompson cover)
11 You Should Have Been There
12 You're My Favorite Waste of Time 

Mountain Stage, Nov. 1, 2009
      (aired week of 2010-09-10)
13 Live and Learn
14 Someday Someway
15 band intros
16 Someone Told Me
17 Eventually
18 Passing Through
19 Never Coming Down

TT: 1:07:04


Musicians, 2009 appearance:
Marshall Crenshaw - vocals, guitar
Graham Maby - bass
Tony Leone - drums
David Mansfield - various instruments

Mitch Easter - guitar, vocals (1991 appearance only)

can be found at  BB Chronicles and So Many Roads.

MC's latest release is Red Wine, one in a series of 10-inch EPs.  
Buy it directly from the artist (includes digital download)
Learn more about the music of Marshall Crenshaw at his official site and/or AllMusic


  1. Thank you very much! You made my Friday night. I'm a long time MC fan, and didn't have either of these shows. "Don't Disappear" is a forgotten gem he hasn't played in years. I would love to hear any more Marshall that you come across!

    1. Will keep this in mind, friend.

      Did you see the MC show from My Father's Place, 1982 that I posted earlier at the blog? Anyway, I don't doubt I will post more from him somewhere down the line...

  2. Yes I did get the '82 show also. I'm also the one who identified the Elvis tune, "Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do".

  3. Thanks very much for this for this. I have an old cassette dub of the 1991 Mountain Stage show and had despaired of ever getting it to digital form in any sort of shape. This Mersey-style take on "You're My Favorite Waste Of Time" still stands for me as the definitive version.

    1. Hey, Seven Years: welcome aboard. I can totally hear why you'd want to preserve the '91 set. It smokes (and I think mitch's 3-song set is pretty fab also). Will listen again to "Favorite" with your comment in mind...

  4. Thank you for this! I had the more recent show already, but had never seen the 1991 Mountain View show. Many cheers!

    1. You're welcome, Geoffrey. Pretty sure I snagged parts of this post from the Mountain Stage archives, before they disappeared from the web.


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