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Let's Active - San Francisco 1983 + early demos

Let’s  Active
San Francisco 1983
+ early demos

Video caps montage, “Every Word Means No” (aka, 'Puppies Run Amok')

audience recording (sound quality VG-; it’s a club show and there’s plenty of audience chatter, but still a very listenable concert; sound quality improves after first 2 or 3 songs)
SAMPLE: "Room With a View" (S.F. 1983)

The Kabuki, San Francisco, CA
Nov. 10, 1983 (opening for R.E.M.)
I think it's time to use the Jeep photo...
01 Easy Does
02 Make Up With Me
03 Flags for Everything
04 Ring True
05 Leader of Men
06 Room With a View
07 Ornamental
08 In Between
09 Edge of the World
10 Every Word Means No
11 Classical Gas (cover)

soundboard recordings (quality range: VG to Ex-; various sources account for the variability)

Early demos, 1981-82
12 In Fun Town (Version 2) demo
13 I Will Understand (Version 2) demo
14 We Do the 'What If' (demo)
Man with a musical plan: Mitch  Easter
15 Safety In Numbers (demo)
16 Two Yous (demo)*
17 Make Up With Me (demo)
18 Leader of Men (demo)
19 Room With a View (demo)

*diff. take or mix than version on "Wear & Tear" demos collection

TT: 1:07:12

MP3@320 (some of the demo tracks have lower bit rates, 192-256kbps)

Let’s  Active:
Faye Hunter (R.I.P.) – bass, vocals
Sara Romweber – drums
Mitch  Easter – guitar, vocals

 ONLY ONE OF THESE appeared in the 'Best of' demos set 
posted HERE in 2012

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