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Two Pound Planet - Demos & Outtakes Collection

Demos & Outtakes
(various locations)
1991 – 1994

studio recordings (sound quality range: VG+ to Ex-; all of these are in the “very listenable” category; the more polished ones could be released commercially)

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REPERCUSSION: Mitch Easter is strongly connected to this band as producer. Here’s what AllMusic writer Dave Sleger said in his review of the group’s only full length album, Songs From the Hydrogen Jukebox: Two Pound Planet is “one of the few Mitch Easter-produced bands that escaped widespread recognition, Two Pound Planet released this stylishly packaged independent masterpiece.... From Winston-Salem, NC, this power pop quartet combines Beatlesque hooks and harmonies with Elvis Costello-like quirkiness and the deadpan delivery of the Kinks. While Easter is presumed to be the genius behind their songs and arrangements, Two Pound Planet are responsible for their own sound. Easter hopped aboard after being blown away by their demos.” (AMG rating: 4 out of 5 stars)

ROB SEZ: If the above recommendation isn’t enough, then take it from me. These guys are at the top of my list of fantastic undiscovered alternative bands. They’re really good, and they list The dB's and Let's Active among their fave groups.

SUBSTANTIAL THANKS to whoever first shared tracks 1-10, and to the band, Randy Layton, Thundercrack and R.U.Kiddingme for sharing the others.

SAMPLE: "My Apologies (demo)"

01 My Apologies
02 Sinister Sun                                  This is a funny/cool promo video for "One Time"
03 Daylight                                  SPOT MITCH at the DRIVE-IN! FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS to the VAN!
04 Dr. Six
05 Another Lonely
06 High
07 Heaven Sent
08 Imagination
09 Gone
10 Daylight + Midnight
11 Hard To Believe
12 Trust
13 Carolyn Says
14 Nothing Matters
15 Wash This Mountain Down
16 Big Bang (alt.)                                      
17 Acid On   
xx mystery bonus track
1-10 = demos circa 1991-92  
11-12 = four-track demos, 1991 (thank you Randy Layton)  
13-14 = undated demos (thank you Thundercrack)  
15 = Whispering Delicious outtake (thank you Randy Layton)  
16 = Mitch Easter produced alt. version, 1994 (thank you TPP)  
17 = Mitch Easter produced demo, 1994 (thank you R.U.Kiddingme)

A handful of these appeared in finished form on the group’s final official release,  
the 6-song (or is it 7?) EP Whispering Delicious

Five other Two Pound Planet demos & live tracks can be found HERE at Soundcloud      
Two Pound Planet, photographed at Wake Forest University
in Winston-Salem, 1991

Two Pound Planet:
Jerry Finley - drums, vocals
Jerry Chapman - bass, vocals
Jason Buss - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Tom Shaw - guitar, vocals
Buy Two Pound Planet's awesome music
SAMPLE the song "Now I Know" from the album 

THE FULL-LENGTH ALBUM                             THE FOLLOW-UP EP
iTUNES    AMAZON                                                      AMAZON (only avail. on disc)       


  1. What a great piece of the Winston Salem sound! Thanks for posting this!


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