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Chris Von Sneidern - The Uncollected CvS (+ Flying Color)

The Uncollected CvS
unreleased & rare tracks
1981 – 2013

mostly soundboard recordings (quality range VG to Ex-; the first 10 of these are streams from CvS master recordings; the others are FM captures, soundboards or vinyl rips)
Never heard of Chris Von Sneidern? Me neither.
But I found out he played with Flying Color & heard some of his stuff...
Then I said, 'Who IS this guy, and why haven't I heard of him before?!?'

01 Halfway There
02 Tree Fort
03 Feline
04 Never Again, My Love (1998 recording)
05 It's Time to Go
06 Blue Moon (Big Star cover)
07 Fight Song
08 Rock n Roll - Hey Ron
09 Patina Soul
10 Grow Up and Start Having Fun
11 Hippy Hippy Shake (U-Turns live session 1981)
12 Doctor (live at The Birdhouse, 2010)
13 Annalisa (live at The Birdhouse, 2010)

14 Look My Way (Flying Color B-side, 1985 – no CvS)
15 Take It for a Ride (rare Flying Color track with CvS)

As usual, I’ve put additional info in the comment tags for each track. Chris Von Sneidern sings and plays nearly all instruments on tracks 1-10 & 12-13. Exceptions & other musical info about tracks 1-11 — including absorbing essays about the songs — can be found at the Song of the Week page at Chris’s web site.

REPERCUSSION: Gene Holder recorded (most of) and mixed CvS' 1997 album Wood + Wire.

MP3@256 (includes the following bonus set):
Chris Von Sneidern & friends 
Joe Strummer Tribute &
Strummerville Foundation benefit
Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, CA
Aug. 25, 2012

soundboard recording (quality VG++)

01 Tight Is Tight
02 Rudie Can't Fail
03 Spanish Bombs
04 band intros
05 Groovy Times
06 The Card Cheat

07 Train In Vain (Stand By Me)

CvS & Friends:
Chris Von Sneidern – vocals & guitar
Prairie Prince - drums
Marlon Daranciang - guitar and backing vocals
Ed Daranciang - bass
Johnny Blair - keyboards

THANKS to GilW for sharing

Learn more about the music of CvS at his web site or at AllMusic. There's a recent documentary called Why Isn't CvS Famous? that's worth watching...


  1. It's very much worth the time to find every note CVS ever played! All of his albums are incredible!

    1. Agreed! And CvS fans who haven't heard the tracks I've collected will be thrilled. Obviously, Chris has been working away in his studio on some amazing stuff. Perhaps we'll get to enjoy a new album from him later this year or in 2015...

  2. nifty stuff, thanks! i'd seen Flying Color, way back in 1987 or so, here in Boston, after CVS had joined and they were awesome.....saw him again on one of the Poptopia shows in Los Angeles around 1997 or so, and he was just as swell too...check out the dvd about him called "Why Isn't Chris von Sneidern Famous?"'s worth EVERYONE'S time!!!

    1. Envious! Wish I lived close enough to S.F. to catch him live someday...

  3. Thanks for the CVS. I can't wait to hear it. At his best he is one of the best.

    As for Flying Color I only got the LP well after they were long gone (in fact it was when various music outlets were dumping vinyl at very low prices). I love them. Any other Flying Color stuff would be greatly appreciated. Given their cult "popularity" I'm surprised we haven't seen a live album.

    1. Hey Bruce. Thanks for your comment. I have never seen or heard of any Flying Color live recordings (well ... now that I think of it, there are 2 or 3 tracks on YouTube from a one-shot live reunion a few years ago, but the sound is lousy). You might want to surf over to CvS's site and leave him a comment to this effect, just in case he has any live FC recordings to share...


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