Friday, May 2

Big Bottom - a bit too big??

With all due respect to Spinal Tap and their classic song "Big Bottom," I need to ask you, dear blog readers, about a different kind of bottom:
 the bass frequencies on the music you download from here.

I keep noticing that after I do eq work on music files to bring out the bottom end on some of the music I share here, it often sounds too bass-heavy when I play the same music on my car stereo.

I usually do the eq and related work using ... (gasp, shock, horror!) Apple earbuds. As you might know, there's not much bass response in those things. So I must be adding too much on the bottom end, but I don't realize it until I play the music on a decent stereo.

If so, leave a comment here, 
and I'll try to avoid this problem in future posts...


  1. Not sure. I usually tweak it myself after getting it in.

  2. Just listened to a little of the new Letch (BTW, Thanks, Rob!). Just speaking for myself and my system, but it's wayyyyyyy too heavy on the bass. Did a little bass reduction and after that, sounds great. That said, I'd leave the bass as is, in the future.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Oxy. Will take this into account for future posts.


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