Friday, May 23

The Milestone, Charlotte - 1984

The dB’s
The Milestone
Charlotte, NC
May 20, 1984

audience recording (sound quality VG; transfer from master tape; very good recording of a very good show; I hope you enjoy it very much ...).  
Pretty sure this is the only recording I have of The deeBs covering Bubble Puppy.

The dB’s in 1984 at South of the Border (S.C. roadside institution)
Peter’s lookin’ like he overdid it a bit…

EXTRA THANKS to TheBynumite for taping & sharing.

SAMPLE: "Not Cool" (Charlotte 1984)

01 Living a Lie
South of the Border: put it on the bucket list.
02 Rendezvous
03 Love Is for Lovers  
      + band intros
04 Bad Reputation
05 We Were Happy There
06 Not Cool
07 Amplifier
08 New Gun In Town
09 Spitting In the Wind
10 Death Garage
11 A Spy In the House of Love
12 Any Old Thing
13 She Got Soul
14 Hot Smoke & Sassafras (Bubble Puppy cover)
15 Black and White
16 pH Factor
17 Neverland
18 White Train
19 Purple Hose


The dB’s:
Gene Holder – lead guitar
Rick Wagner – bass
Peter Holsapple – guitar & lead vocals
Will Rigby – drums & vocals

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