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Teenage Fanclub & The Posies - Amsterdam 1993 & bonus

The Paradiso
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct. 30, 1993

(plus bonus live trax)

live recordings from the Dutch radio station VPRO’s vaults (“Night Train” show broadcast Feb. 8, 2003)

FM cable broadcast recording (sound quality Ex-)

The Posies: never left the garage (but it's a really nice garage...)
SUPER THANKS to Magnix for recording, digitizing & sharing

ROB SEZ: How cool is it that this live set by two Big Star fanboy bands starts & ends with the classic “September Gurls”? How cool is it that they toured together in 1993? Posies leaders Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow have appeared here already as members of the latter-day Big Star lineup, but this is the first post to feature their own band (more to come later…) 

01 September Gurls (acoustic)
02 Everything Flows (acoustic)
03 Star Sign
04 Take the Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven cover)
05 Norman 3
06 God Knows It's True
07 Older Guys
08 Escher
09 Pet Rock
10 The Concept

11 Dream All Day
12 Love Letter Boxes
13 I Am the Cosmos
     (Chris Bell cover)
14 When Mute Tongues Can Speak
15 Fall Apart With Me (acoustic)

16 September Gurls (Big Star cover; end cut)

TT: 54:18 mins.

Track Notes
1 & 2 = session for VPRO "Villa 65", December 18, 1991
3 = live session for VPRO "Villa 65", March 11, 1992
4 – 14, 16 = Paradiso, Amsterdam, Oct. 30, 1993
15 = Crossing Border Festival, Amsterdam, November 3, 2000

(TFC’s Norman Blake did not perform at the 1993 Paradiso show due to illness.)
ALL of the above taken from the 85th Dutch VPRO "Night Train" 747 AM radio broadcast, February 8, 2003. Taped and transferred by Magnix.


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  1. Hey there - thanks for organizing this blog and making these fantastic old tracks available for us aging fans. Somewhere I have a few tracks I recorded from a Chris Stamey show at the Bottom Line in 1988/89, opening for Marshall Crenshaw or Bob Mould (can't remember...). If I can find them I'll post them.
    Quick question: would you happen to know if there are any guitar tabs published for dB's stuff? I haven't found many online but would love to know the "official" versions (or at least competent transcriptions) of some of these tunes to bash around sometime.

    1. hey rob -- you're welcome; thanks for stopping by. "aging fans"?!? who's that??!! (lol, etc.) although i would like to hear the Chris Stamey tracks, i won't be posting them here, at the artist's request. wish I could help you with your question about guitar tabs, but i'm clueless. if there's nothing at the official site, you might be out of luck, but i will post anything i find in the future here.

  2. This is the bomb! Thank you!


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