Friday, March 7

Let's Active - Best Live Covers (!!)

‘Should We Play Somethin’ REALLY Dumb??’
Best Live Covers
Various Dates, Venues

audience, FM & soundboard recordings (sound quality: GD++ to Ex-; variable, of course!)

01 Shakin' Street (MC5)
02 Dancing Days (Led Zep)
03 Hush (Deep Purple)
04 Classical Gas (Mason Williams)
05 Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd)
06 Back of a Car (Big Star)
07 Lies (Knickerbockers)
08 The Rover (Led Zep)
09 Hey Grandma! (Moby Grape)
10 Tush (ZZ Top)
11 I Wont Let It 'Appen Agen (Slade)
12 Hot Smoke & Sasafrass (Bubble Puppy)
13 Sunshine of Your Love (Hendrix/Cream)
14 I Want to Hold Your Hand (in German)
15 He's a Whore (Cheap Trick)
16 Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult; feat. Don Dixon)
xx mystery track

TT: 50:41 mins.

SOURCE INFO (where there is any) can be found in the comment tag for each track

Let’s  Active:
Mick Ersatz (guitar, vocals)
+ various other musicians


  1. Some odd covers, here. Enjoyable listening. Thanks, Rob.

    1. Oh yeah; in fact, I doubt Mitch would go to the trouble of learning & playing a cover tune if it wasn't a bit offbeat. Fun, catchy & "dumb" seem to be his favorite kinds...

  2. This seems pretty interesting...thanks Rob for putting it together

  3. Rob-did this get taken down? I would love to hear it.

    1. Link is still active: look down at the bottom near the B.O.C. images for "MP3@320"

      If that fails, try this direct link:

    2. Ah! Thanks for the great site! Given your interest in all things Mitch, you should check out Primitons, a Bham based band whose first ep was produced by Mr. Easter.

    3. Will do; I've heard of Primitons, but don't really know their music...


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