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Roscoe's Gang - Philadelphia 1995 + Yayhoos bonus show

2 separate shows; 2 separate downloads 
Roscoe's Gang
Khyber Pass Pub
Philadelphia, PA
August 5, 1995

audience recording (sound quality VG; transfer from master tape)

by request
ROB SEZ: Eric “Roscoe” Ambel is a friend of The dB’s, and a multi-talented singer, songwriter, band leader & producer. He’s best known as a leader of The Del Lords (recently re-formed) and early member of The Bottle Rockets. He also led the lesser-known Roscoe’s Gang and was a member of the would-be Americana supergroup The Yayhoos. Our own Will Rigby plays drums for the Roscoe’s Gang set. Enjoy!

YOU BETCHA THANKS to The King of Rock for taping and realomind for sharing

Sample: "Song for the Walls (Philly 1995)"

01. Power Lounger Theme
02. Song For the Walls
03. Miles From the Machine
04. Girl That I Ain't Got
05. Way Outside
06. Three Feet Under
07. Judas Kiss
08. Rain Won’t Stop
09. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
10. Total Destruction to Your Mind

Roscoe’s Gang:
Eric "Roscoe" Ambel - vocals, guitar
Andy York - bass, vocals
Will Rigby – drums

Another Roscoe’s Gang live set is HERE. 
Learn more about Eric Ambel’s music HERE (Eric’s Bandcamp page is HERE)

The Yayhoos
Roskilde Festival, Denmark
June 27, 1996
FM broadcast

FM capture (sound quality VG++)

It's not 'Yahoos'; they're YAYhoos. There's a difference, ya know...
EXTRA BIG THANKS to the taper, original sharer and to lolita for the re-up

SAMPLE: "Julie & Lucky (Roskilde 1996)"

01.  Li’l Bit
02.  Dixie Beauxderant
03.  Song For the Walls
04.  Cumberland River
05.  I Love You Period
06.  Julie and Lucky
07.  Beer Drinkin' Woman
08.  Younger Face
09.  Judas Kiss
10.  Woke Up Jake
11.  Beer Run
12.  Battleship Chains
13.  Keep Your Hands to Yourself
14.  Way Outside
15.  Hush

The Yayhoos:
Dan Baird - guitar, vocals
Eric "Roscoe" Ambel - guitar, vocals
Terry Anderson - drums, guitar & vocals
Keith Christopher - bass, vocals

Learn more about The Yayhoos HERE

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